A concerned citizen sent just sent this to us:

There is a medium size, medium-light-colored dog roaming around Fullerton and Union avenues in Montclair He is super-friendly and looks to be well cared for, but he does not seem to have a good understanding of streets and cars. He is wearing a blue collar and a Montclair Township tag, but no identifying information.

If you are missing a dog or know to whom he belongs, please contact pets@baristanet.com.
UPDATE: Dog reunited with owner. “Herbie” apparently was a bad boy who ran outside before his owner could stop him.

14 replies on “Lost Dog Discovered in Downtown Montclair”

  1. If he’s not claimed quickly, someone should take him to the shelter so he can get in out of the cold.

  2. Yes, what Nellie said.
    Also, I know it’s not always possible, but if you can try and supply photos of lost pets, it would really help a lot. And please let us know about any reunions of lost pets and their families so that we can update. Thanks.

  3. Just wondering…is this Mrs.M,now doing stories for Barista…if there ever was a person to handle “Pet” stories, it’s you..
    Is it you?

  4. Sure hope it’s not the same dog that was lost/found a month or so ago & featured on Baristanet. Fits the same description. I believe someone said his name was Stanley.

  5. This is the notice on Baristanet last month – kinda sounds like the same dog.
    Lost Dog on Christmas
    Friday, December 25, 2009
    Lost dog found on Christmas morning near Sunset park on Norwood in Upper Montclair. He is a nice big yellow labrador wth a blue collar. Please help find his owner.

  6. Why isn’t finding the owner just a matter of calling the Montclair Department of Health and giving the tag number? If they won’t tell you the owner, they may well have a way of contacting that person.

  7. A later post I saw on Montclair watercooler said that:
    I saw a dog by similar description on Wed. Afternoon . She/he is a
    soft-haired wheaton terrier and was making her way through our
    backyard on Summit to another’s yard on Wildwood.
    If it’s the same dog she’s been outside a long time.
    Hopefully, Animal Control was called. Anyone know?

  8. Can someone who sees this dog not pop him in thier yard, so he is away from the traffic. He could get hurt, or cause an accident. Then call animal control. Maybe give him water too? Poor thing. Hope he’s out of the cold soon.

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