Momentum_Brandmark1_LowRes[1].JPGMOMentum is a support group for moms that aspires to help mothers connect and inspire personal growth and positive life change. The group was started by Lucila McElroy in 2007 while living in Vancouver. After her husband took a job that led them to Maplewood, NJ, Lucila started a MOMentum group there. New Jersey now has MOMentum groups in Maplewood, South Orange and Summit and is coming to Montclair in March.
After meeting Lucila McElroy last year, Alejandra Denda Hampton decided to lead a MOMentum group and chose Montclair because, “Many of Montclair women who work and are Moms like to challenge themselves in different aspects of their lives. I realized that in our professional lives you have congresses, corporate retreats, and seminars to be a better professional and develop connections in your industry. However, there is not a “formal place” to share meaningful conversation, share insights about the balancing act of being multi-tasking women, sharing insightful moments about your personal life as a woman, wife, mother, professional, etc.”

So how does MOMentum work? Each group consists of 17 working or stay-at-home moms. Members meet once a month for a three-hour session to exchange ideas, see presentations and to discuss communtiy activism. Each member must commit to a minimum of six months. There is a monthly member fee, part of which MOMentum gives to charity. “So far, we have donated over $30,000 and countless volunteer hours to various organizations.”, Alejandra stated.
MOMentum in Montclair will hold its introductory meeting tonight, Monday, February 22 at Alejandra’s home and then monthly meetings will start in March. If you would like to learn more or attend tonight’s meeting, email Alejandra here.

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