bakesaleforHaiti.jpgHillside 4th graders, and best friends, Lily Feinberg and Georgia Garrison have been baking for weeks (and freezing the goodies) in anticipation of their Haiti Needs Help bake sale to raise money to help the relief efforts. The girls sold from 11 am – 1 pm yesterday in front of Lili, Meili and Beau at 33 Watchung Plaza. When the original plans to hold the sale in the park at Watchung Plaza were scuttled by the snow, the children’s store graciously stepped in to help.
Assisted by James Feinberg and Walter and Daisy Garrison, Lily and Georgia raised over $250 and will be back out today from 10:30 a.m. to noon.
(Photo: Lily Feinberg (9) on the left, in biege jacket. Georgia Garrison (9) on the right, in blue coat.)

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  1. For almost two months, the earthquake that happened in Haiti causes deaths and damage in public and private properties of Haitians. Several financial and in-kind goods were shared and donated by all the neighboring countries and until now there still many fund-raising events were held to benefit the Haiti. For now, payday loans are not enough to help the daily necessities of Haitians, that is why I’m truly grateful that even as early as 4th graders are trying their best to help and raise money for the victims of Haiti. Surely, many parents and as well as their school are very proud of them. Hopefully, we all never get tired to share what we have and extends are helping hands to those who are in need. And try out those cookies too- since it is made through kind and helpful heart of the children.

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