Sure, you have an opinion about “Hurt Locker” v. “Avatar,” and you may or may not be rooting for Meryl Streep. But chances are you don’t have any opinions about the short films that will receive awards at Oscars a week from Sunday, or even know any of their names.
This year, though, starting tonight (Friday, Feb. 26) you can see them all — live action and animated — at Montclair’s Clairidge Cinemas. The scheduled times vary from day to day. You can see tonight’s schedule here.

Here’s a trailer for the shorts.

Meanwhile, which picture do you think will take away the most honors on Sunday, March 7? Will you be going to an Oscar party? And what do you think of the decision to have Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin as co-hosts?

2 replies on “Oscar Short Films at the Clairidge”

  1. The Oscars seem to be a very big thing in the movie industry. Avatar is truly leading the nominations and many are saying that Avatar will win the Oscar Award. On the other hand, I have no doubts that Twilight will not be nominated. I do not understand the appeal of either Kristen Stewart OR Robert Pattinson. For one ‚Äì Twilight and New Moon are AWFUL. Also, I’ve never seen the short films neither animated nor live. But it seems Kavi or Instead of Abracadabra might win it according to some opinions.

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