Polls for Montclair, and in the jump, Bloomfield and Glen Ridge.

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  1. In GR the town turned on the heating elements in the roads early, so the snow just melted away and the water ran down into Blmfld…..On my way to my laughing yoga class…>(;o})8====

  2. I have seen several driveways in Essex Fells that have under-pavement heating units. The rich are different than you and I.

  3. Driving through town between 2 and 3 p.m., I was shocked at how few streets had been plowed–Park, Grove, South Mountain all untouched. Bloomfield Ave. was fine, of course, and they had done the hills that run perpendicular to South Mountain, but between the town and the county, someone really dropped the ball.

  4. Coming soon…..in order to reduce property taxes the residents of each street will have to hire their own snow removal service.

  5. WTF are people even doing out,unless it’s an emergency? Let’s be a little reponsible here,and stay off the roads and out of the way of the Township’s efforts. And, I’ll be curious to see just how many sidewalks are cleared within the req’d timeframe.(12 hrs.of daylight,once snow stops). My informal perusal during past storms results in “not many” .

  6. The county has done a very good job of clearing Broad Street here in Bloomfield.
    What annoys me are the asshats who can’t wait to put their cars back out on the street which keeps the plows from clearing the slop back to the curb when they make their cleanup runs. What part of “snow emergency street” do you people not understand?

  7. Noticed the same thing. Valley and Grove streets were a sheet of hard packed snow earlier this afternoon. Later saw multiple plows on heavy trucks and salters doing a decent job of getting down to the pavement. This wet heavy snow packs quickly, so it was likely easier to clear the side streets. That said, my street is clear, but can’t say the same for most that I drove on today. Also, what’s up with the hysteria about staying off the roads? Life goes on.

  8. Ha, Cranky, spoken like a true Jerseyite. C’mon now. This was a baby snowstorm. I had no trouble getting around, then again I wasn’t driving one of those laughable two-wheel drive SUVs or minivans that people persist in buying.
    We didn’t get plowed until quite late, although plow trucks buzzed by with the plows up frequently. I think the bagel store must have been open since I suspect Vinnie the plow driver was making a bagel run.

  9. Whoever is responsible for Grove street did a terrible job. I saw the plows once between the last 2 days. The only positive is people are forced to drive under the speed limit.

  10. I spent a few hours tooling around Baristaville earlier this evening, and my overall impression is that Bloomfield and Glen Ridge cleared their local streets more quickly and thoroughly than did Montclair.
    Bellevue Avenue along its entire length from the Bloomfield line to Upper Mountain Avenue was a disgracefully sloppy mess at 6pm for what is a major local thoroughfare. Near the Falaffel House I struck what felt like a small boulder in the middle of the road but was actually a large chunk of frozen snow.
    Then, down on Glenridge Avenue I struck a frozen berm of snow that appeared to have been strewn across the road by a plow coming out of Bay St. And when I write “berm”, I mean a frozen mound of snow higher than most speed bumps. I hit it at about 20 miles an hour and I probably would have been bounced out of my seat were I not belted in.
    So, compared to the surrounding towns, Montclair seems to have done an abysmally poor job of snow removal – and the poll results above support that conclusion. Considering what you people over there pay in property taxes, you are getting seriously boned when it comes to the quality of service provided.

  11. Ha. Smart move iceman. Should have thought of hitting the aquavit.
    Pork Roll, yeah, Montclair is embarrassing. But hey, it’s special right? Town’s taking on water. Sinking.

  12. I agree, PR. My little two-block street in Glen Ridge was completely clean blacktop, but when we to the Clairidge last night, every street in Montclair except for Bloomfield Ave was a mess.

  13. I think the point that Cranky was making is this: if people want the roads cleared for safe driving, they should stay off the roads out of the way of plows and salt trucks. The hard, packed snow left on many of the roads was due to cars driving on the snow. It’s too thick for salt to melt it sufficiently, and we all know how difficult it is to scrape up packed snow. Anyone who’s ever shoveled their own driveway after driving over the snow knows how much more of an effort it is.
    As for smoghat’s remark about people driving whatever car they drive – grow up. If I choose to drive a fuel efficient car without 4-wheel drive, I have that right. I find it a waste of money to own 4 wheel drive for the few snows we have over the course of the year. And I’m not complaining about driving in the snow, either. Fact is, I see just as many SUVs involved in accidents during snow storms because people are overly confident when driving in poor conditions. AND, those people are usually the culprits in the way of the snowplows doing an efficient job because they think they don’t need to wait for the roads to be cleared. Life goes on, yes, but then don’t complain when you cause the inefficiency of snow clean-up.

  14. As of about 4pm friday, Glen ridge did an outstanding job of plowing. montclair did a horrible job. It was funny to see the streets shared by both towns (oxford, cambridge, etc). The plowing ended sharply at the border of glen ridge on every street.
    granted montclair is bigger, but come on: you can’t plow grove street? you can’t plow valley road???

  15. Montclair also didn’t plow to the curb and roads where people are normally allowed to park on the street are now one lane roads in many places as a result. I’m all for saving money, Montclair, but use some foresight in the process.

  16. akme, my mail arrived but I wouldn’t say it was properly delivered. On Thursday, my mailbox was left open so that the delivered mail was soaked through by the time I was able to retrieve it. On Friday the mail was thrown on my outside stairs with a rubberband around it. There are 2 households that share this entrance and both our mail was wrapped together and just left there, on the ground, in the snow, getting wet. Guess they should take “snow” out of the old adage about their dependable service.

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