Phooey on your carrot-nosed tri-spherical snow “men.” Here come Baristaville’s snow sculpture elite. First there was the snow cat. Now there is the snow dachshund, the snow Eiffel Tower, the snow pirate and the snow dragon.

Eiffel tower by Laurent Bourscheidt, dachshund by Cindy Blauch (photo by Kevin Blauch), dragon by Ed Garcia (photo by Joli Furnari), pirate by Snow Pirate by Eric Frazzano, Brian LaGura and Andy Frazzano (photo by. Andy Frazzano).
Consider this your open thread. Talk about the snow, CNN’s tsunami coverage, David Paterson’s busted career or whatever you’ve been doing to amuse yourself this weekend in the comments.

6 replies on “Submissions from the Snow Sculpture Elite”

  1. The house on Valley that had the dragon and the tiger during the last snow storm is now sporting a Sphinx.

  2. Yep. It’s a post on snow sculpture.
    But since you asked, I’m liberal.
    And I don’t like corruption.
    Period. Full Stop.
    Why on earth would that surprise anyone?
    By the way, I also liked the Snow Pirate, though it brought no good luck against Marquette.

  3. I had two huge mounds of snow – one on each side of my driveway.
    I thought I could do the two- lion thing- shape the snow and then get two mop heads for manes, then I could have a front area just like the 42 St NYC Public Library.

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