A driver for Golden River restaurant was robbed on Union and Prospect on March 26 around 11:15 p.m. The driver went to the location to deliver what turned out to be a fake order and was punched by the person who confronted him taking $392. The suspect fled on food foot until police found him on Hawthorne Place. The suspect at the time of the robbery was wearing a hood over his face. He was later identified as a current worker at the restaurant that knew how much money the driver was carrying.
During the preliminary investigation, police found that the suspect’s girlfriend was identified as an accomplice who made the phone order and drove the suspect to the location where the robbery occurred. She was also arrested on Hawthorne Place.
If you’re a heavy sleeper make sure to lock all your doors and windows. Two homeowners found that out the hard way this week when their homes were robbed while they were sleeping.

A Midland Avenue home was burglarized on March 27 while the resident was sleeping. The resident told police that he went to bed around 11 p.m. and when he woke up he noticed that his cell phone ($200) and computer ($2,000) were missing. Police believe entry to the house was gained through an unlocked window. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Charles Cunningham at 973-509-4716.
A Grandview Avenue residence was burglarized on March 28 around 10 a.m. When the resident woke up she told police she discovered her GMC Yukon was missing and numerous drawers in her house had been opened. She also noticed that her wallet was missing and a DVD player was on her front lawn. Police believe entry to the home was gained through the unlocked front door. Items missing were keys, credit cards, $100, two cell phones, three televisions and various computer equipment.
Elizabeth Police Department was able to locate the Yukon on Spring Street in their town later that afternoon. As a result police were able to identify the suspect and make an arrest in the burglary.

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  1. “suspect fled on food”
    “identified as a current worked at the restaurant”
    “noticed that her walled was missing”
    Someone is hitting that “d” key by mistake. Easy on the Pinot Grigio, Kristie!

  2. I can’t imagine that anyone in their right mind would order takeout from a restaurant named ‘Golden River’.

  3. MB, several years ago I saw a Chinese restaurant just outside of San Diego CA named “Fuk Mi”.
    The chow fun was fantastic!

  4. Wasn’t that one of the really double entendre reading lists from grade school (can you say President Eisenhower)?
    “The Golden River” by I.P. Daley

  5. There is a booksellers in Hong Kong named Wong Fu King Bookstore.
    You can never find what you want there.

  6. MB,
    It is probably the same type of person who would try to get clean by signing up for a ‘Golden Shower’

  7. Let me know when one these boring poster write one amusing, non-self serving, or interesting point,, and then let then know they have too much time on their hands and should unplug their addiction to the computer.

  8. I propose that we all chip in to hire a personal copyeditor for Kristie. Somebody ought to be proof reading her stuff, since she apparently she can’t be bothered.

  9. Well at least in this post there were no (alleged) murderers promoted to police officer.
    really, who’s turn is it to watch the kids?

  10. Tudlow,
    oops. Yes.
    (please excuse me, I didn’t attend a “top notch” private school despite all my authentic multi-racial experience.)

  11. Is it just me, or do I keep reading the same post about people being robbed when they don’t lock their doors? HELLO!! We don’t live in Mayberry so why leave doors unlocked?? Please… gimme a break! Lock your doors!!

  12. We don’t live in Mayberry?
    But with all those diversity goodness, we SHOULD be able to keep our doors unlocked.
    Studies show that folks who live in “diverse” communities are less likely to be robbed.
    They also smell better.

  13. I’m sorry, diverse community or not, I still wouldn’t leave my doors unlocked. You’re just asking to be robbed. I would love to be able to leave windows open while at work, but just not going to happen, sadly…

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