Starting tomorrow, April 1, NJ drivers who don’t come to a full stop for pedestrians in crosswalks will be subject to fines of $200; pedestrians caught jaywalking will get slapped with a $54 fine.
Do you think the fine will make the streets of Baristaville safer for pedestrians?

10 replies on “NJ Imposes Higher Fines For Drivers & Pedestrians”

  1. I certainly would have liked to impose a citizens’ fine on the dimwit brunette who came an inch from hitting me with her blue minivan on Watchung today.

  2. They continue to pass these laws (which is great) but there’s little enforcement beyond, say, the first month or two. These laws are very necessary. That said, what about the “no talking on cell phones while driving” law? Remember that? The police tried enforcing that for about 2 months and then . . .
    Unfortunately, these laws will deter no one unless they’re enforced. It’s sad that people need to be forced to do the right thing. But it seems as tho that’s just life (or human nature).

  3. Another revenue scheme. I’m all for stopping for pedestrians in crosswalks, but lets use some common sense. On Grove St. this morning there wasn’t a car within a couple of hundred yards behind me when a woman and her dog stepped right in front of my car. They ought to have a field day issuing jaywalking tickets on Valley Rd. in Upper Montclair also. This will be tough for the NYC transplants to get used to.

  4. i think it’s time citizens of our great state began fining politicians for passing ridiculous laws that do nothing. For each ineffectual law or fine, a politician must pay $200 to his/her local library.

  5. We could balance our budgets if we just enforce the laws we have. What are our politicians afraid of? Bailing their friends or relatives out of jail and getting caught trying to fix a ticket? Tell the cops to start enforcing the laws, especially seat belt and cell phone laws.

  6. “We could balance our budgets if we just enforce the laws we have”
    I’d like to see that spreadsheet. There is no possible way that it is true. I’m all for law enforcement, but it’s not a financial windfall. In fact, I’d bet all the possible fines we could conceivably collect would not even pay for the legal system.
    (which is as it should be, we don’t levy fines to make money).

  7. HAR DE HAR HAR!!!
    Like that toothless cell phone law?
    Like the ‘no parking’ signs that are constantly disregarded?
    Like the tailgating violation that is supposed to result in a 2-point ticket?
    Like the “full and complete stop at a stop sign” rule?
    Like “no right turn on red from the center lane”?
    Like people who turn left directly beneath a sign that says “no left turn” simply because Jill the GPS Lady says to?
    Like the “look both ways before crossing the street” rule? (I notice this is frequently disregarded near train stations, especially by people wearing headphones. Maybe they think that the iPod confers a Cone of Protection.)
    hahahahaha I am laughing so hard I’m crying!
    While I am not in support of a nanny state, I sincerely believe that people will continue to be jerks around here until there is some pain. Which probably would amount to traffic cameras.
    Plus they will need to spend at least a bazillion dollars on a marketing campaign (tv, full page print ads, etc.) to explain the Jaywalking rule. Apparently here it has nothing to do with whether you cross at a corner or not.
    But you all have heard this from me before.

  8. I’m all for stopping for pedestrians who follow the law as well. Too many times people just turn right into a crosswalk from the sidewalk with no warning that they were going to cross the street. Cars need time to stop. I’ve had people shoot me dirty looks as if I was supposed to read their minds and stop long before they were ever near the crosswalk. Does this happen to others?
    I still do drivers the courtesy of waiting at the curb until one who has the ability to stop without leaving tire marks or being rear-ended stops for me. In general, I have found most drivers to be courteous when I wait for them to stop.

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