There was a shooting on Elmwood Ave, off Elm St, in Montclair late on Saturday, and police are still looking for the suspect or suspects. Lt. Scott Buehler of Montclair PD said:

On 3-20-10 at approximately 11:50 PM, police responded to a multi-family residence on Elmwood Avenue on a report of shots fired. Upon arrival, police were directed to a 19 year old East Orange resident who had suffered a gunshot wound to his right leg.
According to witnesses, the victim was one of a group that had attended a party at an unknown Montclair residence earlier in the evening when an argument ensued. The victim and his associates left the party and went to the Elmwood residence, where another party was taking place.

Several party attendees were sitting on the front porch of the residence when they observed two black males walking on the south side of Elmwood Avenue. According to witnesses, one of the males then discharged a firearm somewhere between three and nine times in the direction of the group, which resulted in the injury suffered by the victim. The suspects then fled either east on Elmwood Avenue or southbound through rear yards on Elmwood Avenue.
The first suspect is described as a black male wearing all black, while the second suspect is described as a dark-skinned black male in his late teens/ early twenties with short cropped hair wearing a burgundy zip-up hooded sweat jacket. It is unknown which of the males fired the weapon and whether this event was related to the argument that had transpired earlier in the night at the party. It is believed that the victim was not solely targeted. Three bullet holes were found in the exterior of the residence where the victim was shot. No other injuries were reported.
A police search, including the use of Essex County K-9 units, failed to locate either suspects or the weapon. The suspect was transported to University Hospital, where he was treated for a non-life threatening leg wound. Anyone with information is asked to contact Sgt. Wilhelm Young at 973-509-4719 or Detective Terence Turner at 973-509-4724.

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  1. Montclair: High taxes, high crime. Hey Mayor, are you still for making any new business install bike lockers for you and your friends and family?

  2. Can we please get a bulldozer over to “Nasty” New St & Mission St? Let these guys play ghetto and act out rap videos in a real city like Orange, East Orange, Irvington or Newark. I’m thinking a community garden/organic farm and green space (labyrinth?) accented by a few tudor homes could replace these aluminum siding eyesores, the vacant lot on Bloomfield and the riff raff that lingers while launching stray bullets & spoiling the utopian ideal for everyone else in town.

  3. This should do well for the developer on Elm St. And why is the victims friends called “associates?” Are they businessmen?

  4. 35 million? I bet it’s closer to 40 million/ What’s another 5 million? Why it’s what the current BOE budget is short.

  5. “The suspect was transported to University Hospital, where he was treated for a non-life threatening leg wound”…
    I think the poor guy that was shot was “the victim” in this…
    Hope he is ok. Shame we have such dangerous areas in Montclair, and these areas are expanding fast.

  6. Please don’t fix the misspelled heading, Baristanet. It looks great.
    Elmood Avenue. – Sounds like a street in Cairo.

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