hersheypark.jpgWe were granted a glimpse of spring, taunted by a glimmer of hope and then flung back into the dark days of floods and near freezing temperatures. But all that’s about to change– in Hershey, Pennsylvania at least. For the next two weekends Hershey Park is hosting its annual pre-opening season celebration, Springtime in the Park.

This year the park has extended the event to two weekends so visitors have even more opportunity to enjoy the park at reduced rates.

To me, even at full price, Hershey Park is heaven, but maybe that’s because I spent virtually every family vacation there since birth. In fact, my dad even had a Hershey Park outfit, which he wore every day for the entire week at Hershey. My mom packed the suitcase full of coordinated short sets for him, but my dad decided he only needed one, his chocolate brown shorts and tan plaid button-down. He said he was trying to do Milton Hershey proud with an all chocolate-themed outfit. I think he accomplished his goal.

For our part, my sister and I achieved a less lofty but equally ambitious aspiration, which was to ride the Mini Himalayas until the park closed without throwing up.

Granting us unlimited rides on this, the last ride of the night, was my parents’ misguided attempt at getting us to leave the park. We spent two hours smashed against the side of the car as rock music blared and we spun around and around under the summer stars laughing until we couldn’t breath.

But my opinion isn’t all based on nostalgia. When I visited the park for the first time with my own children several years ago, I couldn’t believe how nice it was. As a kid I didn’t really care that the park was spotless with manicured lawns. I just wanted to stuff my face full of kettle corn and Dippin’ Dots, spend all my parents’ money on the ring toss until we were broke or I won the 6-foot tall gorilla, and run back and forth between the Scrambler and Tilt-A-Whirl. Now, as my kids do those things, I appreciate the family atmosphere and the breath of rides that keep both my kids and my husband from whining. We take my husband to the SooperDooperLooper first, and then my kids can ride the Dragon Wagon all they like.

The only section not open is the water park, but I think we’ve seen enough water for a while. And guess what? The weather forecast for this weekend is sunny and 70! Get your sun block ready.

The details:

Springtime in the Park at Hersheypark
Who: Kids of all ages.
What: Hersheypark’s annual preseason event with reduced-price tickets. Enjoy unlimited rides from mild to wild (just not wet), entertainment and ZooAmerica all day long.
Where: Hersheypark, 27 W. Chocolate Avenue, Hershey, PA.
When: Friday, April 2 thru Sunday, April 4 and Saturday and Sunday, April 10 and 11. For times, tickets and more information visit Springtime in Hershey.
Cost: $23.95 for adult. $15.95 for ages 3-8 and 55 and over. Ticket options also include discounted 2 and 3 day passes.

7 replies on “Spring is in the Air and at the Park”

  1. I was mentioned in the blog concerning Hershey Park and would like to comment. However, since I am unable to use offensive, vulgar or hateful language my comment is No Comment.

  2. Wish this had been posted earlier. Already have other overnight plans made and would have preferred this, esp with it being forecast as a beautiful weekend. And at such a great discount.
    Will keep an eye out for it next year though.

  3. bitter melon,
    This is happening this weekend AND next — maybe you can make next week’s. 🙂

  4. Yes, we’re tentatively trying to go next Sunday. It will depend on the weather of course. Would have been great to go for a weekend, what great prices! When I had looked last summer, even with online discounts, the cost was too prohibitive.
    But thank you for posting about it.

  5. Thanks Georgette. We went on Sunday, perfect weather and not too crowded. Great time was had by all.

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