Tony T signs in students2.jpgAfter the reconstruction referendum of Bloomfield’s Foley Field last month, Bloomfield residents decided not to give up without a fight. Residents feel that poor voter turnout was the reason the proposal was defeated by just 100 votes. The Board of Ed. has reinstated the $2.9 million bond referendum to the budget vote on April 20.
This past Saturday, April 3, dozens of Bloomfield students went through town trying to get voters out and in support of Foley Field. They handed out fliers titled “The Case for Foley Field”, which offered facts and details about the field and the referendum. Without Foley Field, the students are without a field for games and graduation.
To learn more about Foley Field and its history, visit Friends of Foley Unite, a blog by Bloomfield resident and contact Foley Field Revitalization Committee co-chairs Al Crincoli or Mike Napolitano.
(Photo: Revitalization Committee member Tony Todaro signing in the volunteer students and suppyling them with fliers.)

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