The robbers who broke into Grove Street Liquors over the weekend probably wish they could turn water into wine, or cognac, in this case.
When police responded to a broken glass alarm, it turned out that the only two things missing were two “dummy” bottles of Hennessy that were filled with water on display.
Police noticed that a rock had been thrown through the front window and door.
The aluminum frame had also been pulled from the window, allowing the suspects to reach in and remove liquor bottles on display in the window. An employee of the store confirmed that the two bottles in the window of Hennessy cognac were dummy bottles and were filled with water, instead of liquor. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Ray Gulbin at 973-509-4739

6 replies on “Dummy Bottles Fool Robbers”

  1. Too funny. I mean, not so funny about the broken windows, that stinks for the store. But I would love to have been there to see the vandal and thief crack open his bottle of Hennessey…

  2. Kudos to the merchant! They seem to get broken into frequently, and this time while they were unfortunately vandalized, at least the perps only got away with some flat tap water!!

  3. Welcome to the “Montclair Trapezoid,” an area roughly bounded by Midland Ave., Bloomfield Ave., Grove St., and Chestnut St., but extending somewhat south to Mission St. Seems to be where all of the action is that generates the most salacious police blotter headlines. Drug dealers from Newark at Lackawanna Plaza, etc. Don’t we have any anti-loitering statutes, or some way to deal with the miscreants that make this area such a blight on the community?

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