milk%20money.jpgIn February, we told you that Milk Money, a children’s consignment shop in Montclair, was up for sale. This week owner Renate Ellington announced the new owner and when the transition will take place:

With tremendous pleasure and a bit of melancholy, I am announcing the sale of the Milk Money Montclair store to a wonderful new owner, Andrea Dellechiaie. Andrea is a native “Montclairian” who has shopped, consigned and treasured the store since its inception in 2005! She has two wonderful children, Spencer (8yrs) and Lucy (5 ½ yrs), who are excited to become part of the Milk Money experience as well.
Our transition will happen slowly. You will see Andrea hanging around in the store over the next few months to introduce herself and get to know you. Then after the July bag sale, Andrea will fully take the reigns! She has wonderful things planned for the Fall/Winter season! I’m sure you’re going to love her and the store just as much as you do now, if not more!
I’ll be taking Fall/Winter clothes for Andrea in June and July and pay you out as usual. Andrea will start fresh with a fully stocked store for the Fall/Winter season. There will be no need to re-sign a contract or pay any additional fees. Everything transfers over to her with the sale of the store.
It’s been wonderful spending time with you over the past five years! Thank you for sharing your lives, dreams and clothes with me. And if you have a chance, please stop by anytime to chat and say good-bye.

Best of luck Renate and thank goodness Milk Money will stay open. I love that shop.

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  1. That’s great news! Milk Money is a wonderful resource in this town and it would have been a terrible loss if Renate was unable to find a buyer.

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