Following our story yesterday, Montclair Station in Upper Montclair re-opened for early morning commuters today. Doors will open at 6 am, says owner Charles Nuzzo, and a self-service coffee station has been set up for commuters to grab a quick cuppa joe. Payment is on the honor system.

5 replies on “Montclair Station Re-Opens For Morning “Joe””

  1. Good work Baristanet! And thanks to Cary Africk for following up on the story. I’m sure the uptown commuters are thankful to you both.

  2. In light of the bad press yesterday, the restaurant itself is great for dinner. It is a little expensive, but a good addition, and the liquor license sweetens the deal. Now there is an alternative to drinking at the CB’s bar in Upper Montclair.
    Banada Bread Pudding was incredible btw…

  3. I can’t understand how a liquor license “sweetens the deal”. I’d rather b.m.o.b. any time. The sweet deal is only for the proprietor to make the most money on drinks.

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