Glen Ridge celebrated Memorial Day in traditional style today. Families and friends lined Ridgewood Avenue to see the parade. Groups gathered at the memorial service held at the WW1 monument. And it was fun, food and games at the annual town picnic.

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  1. Our two families moved into Glen Ridge in the late 1940s, and we remember marching in the Memorial Day parades as kids. For the past 20 years, we have been out of town on Memorial Day weekend, but this time our plans changed, and we were looking forward to attending the festivities.
    The organizers did a FABULOUS job and should be congratulated……..even the weather was great!! However, we were disappointed in a couple of issues.
    First, a parade is NO PLACE FOR DOGS!! We witnessed a couple of non-dog owners tripping on leashes, and some of the larger dogs were having a tough time with the heat of the day. Plus, a few owners neglected to do “poop clean-up”, especially on the sidewalk leading to the train station. YUK!!
    However, what was most disturbing was the lack of respect by a significant number of spectators. This was a day to remember those who gave their lives for our Country. We were shocked by the total disrespect during the service, especially while the names were being read before placing the wreaths. Those inconsiderate individuals who were talking during the ceremony should have stayed home!!
    Again, our sincere thanks to all who worked very hard to put together a wonderful event. We look forward to attending future Memorial Day town functions and hope that the conduct of some of the residents will improve.

  2. My daughter marched for the 1st time with her brownie troop and she’s front and center in one of the slideshow pics. We had a wonderful time and feel very proud to be a part of this community. Everyone was very friendly and civil, yes there were some speaking, but in some peoples’ defense the sound system needed to be cranked up a few notches to grasp the attention of the kids and parents taking care of them. The only thing that I have to say that was a surprise to me was that there was no mention of the current war and the soldiers are in harms way. Or was there a mention – it was very hard to hear… but I said a prayer for them regardless and hope they come home soon!

  3. Couldn’t update my comment so needed to clarify yes there were prayers said for the current soldiers -and that was really fitting and moving… but I guess after the reading of the lost soldiers in the wars I felt there was something missing at that point when no wreath was placed for the current war where we’re still losing soldiers. In memory of them.

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