Really bummed to receive an email from Minnow minnow.jpgtonight:

For personal reasons Minnow will be closing doors on the 25th of June. We have so enjoyed serving all of you these past three years, and being a part of the Montclair business community. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement along the way, and keeping kids’ shopping fun.
We’ll be starting 50% off on Monday, May 24th. Until then we are at 25% off, so come now for the good selections!
We have truly enjoyed the journey!
The gals at Minnow
Catherine, Keira, Francesca and Lea

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3 replies on “Minnow is Closing”

  1. Always sad to hear that a local store is closing… But, 50% off is only going to finally bring their prices in line with other area shops of the same quality.
    I really like some of the stuff they have, but could never bring myself to pay even the “sale” prices.

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