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I’ve been a proud foster parent of a wonderful pit bull mix for the past 3 years. “Pretty” is a beautiful girl who I took in when I saw her owner dropping her off at PAWS back in 2007.

UPDATE: Looks like Pretty has found a permanent home with a wonderful family with 3 kids and now, 3 dogs! Congrats to all and a special thanks to the family that has opened their hearts and their home.


In that time, I’ve gone from being a single guy living on Glenridge Avenue to a married man, living near Fort Lee, and now teaching community college courses five nights a week. The long story short is that as much as we LOVE Ms. Pretty, we are overcome with, well, “Irish-Catholic Guilt” over her being home alone, all day every day. We would NEVER place her in a shelter or give her away through Craigslist or other potentially risky avenues. Our dream is to find a wonderful, warm family, here in Montclair, who can take her in and will shower her with the love to that she is so very accustomed.

If you are interested in adopting Pretty, please contact pets@baristanet.com.

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  1. Hey Tom, is this your dog…if it is…first, congrats on being married..
    And folks, I know this dog too….really loving
    and friendly…would make a great addition to any family.
    If it’s not who I think it is, just look at that photo..don’t ya just melt…I hope somebody could help out here,and give Ms Pretty a home.

  2. I would suggest screening potential adopters very carefully…I learned from voluntering at PAWS over the years that you really have to be careful about whom you can trust with a beloved pet..
    One beloved cat who was brought to the shelter to be rehomed wound up being thrown out of a window and died….The adopters seemed fine on paper..
    Tread very cautiously, especially with a pit bull…

  3. Good luck finding a good home, I’m sure you will find great people. Just wondering if you had considered a doggie day care, where she could play all day with doggie chums?

  4. Flower: I’ve heard good things about 4 Paws on Pompton Avenue in Verona. Hopefully someone with firsthand experience will chime in here.

  5. My boyfriend takes his dog to Club Barks in West Paterson- they are very good there, his dog is well taken care of and loves it there. A great solution to this problem!

  6. Pretty has found a home! (see update). Family wishes to remain anonymous but everyone is very happy. All the best to them.

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