Founders of Quest Academy, the charter school which is awaiting final approval to open up in Montclair in 2011, has sent out the following email about the upcoming meeting:

May 28, 2010
The founders of the Quest Academy Charter School, which is pending review and approval by the State Department of Education, will not present the plans for the school to the public at the meeting scheduled for June 2nd by the League of Women Voters.
The application for the school is still pending with the state. Therefore, this meeting is premature considering that the state will not render its decision on the application until September, 2010.
The Quest Academy team will attend the meeting to listen to the concerns expressed by the experts scheduled to appear, Drs. Bulkley and Alvarez. When the invitation to this meeting was accepted, it was presented as a small meeting between one founder and the superintendent and the LWV, not a public showcase for the plan for implementing the school.
We will pay close attention to the issues the public may bring up at this presentation. The Quest Academy team of founders will, at some time in the near future, issue their own press release announcing its own forum for presenting the school to the Montclair community.
The founders would like to remind the people of Montclair, that the state may approve the founding of this school without the consensus of the entire Montclair community and without the support of the superintendent or Board of Education. The founders welcome the honest opinions and concerns of the people of Montclair. Once we know what those concerns are, we will address them one by one. The founders are confident the charter school, if approved, will be an asset to the community, adding to the tradition of school choice in Montclair at the high school level as it exists at all other levels.

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One reply on “Quest Academy Will Not Present Plans at Charter School Meeting”

  1. I have no real interest in a charter school. But they’re wise to pull out. Sounds like they were hoodwinked by the LWV an organization I’ve locally lost a lot of respect for.
    I can’t imagine such a forum wouldn’t devolve into a lot of posturing.
    Having an event with Alvarez would be like launching an new burger joint and asking the CEO of McDonald’s to attend.
    With this Governor the charter folks have an advantage and they should probably play to it.
    My advice to the charter folks would be to make your website function. It’s a mess and makes me wonder how you’d manage educating kids if you can’t get at least a functional website working.

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