DSCN0883a.jpegTwo weeks ago, it looked like Bloomfield was ready to ditch its annual July 4th fireworks for budget reasons. But yesterday, the township got enough sponsors to save the annual pyrotechnics and announced that the show will go on July 4 at Memorial Park on JFK Drive. Gates open at 7:30 p.m. and admission is free.
“It’s something that our residents look forward to every year,” said Bloomfield Rec spokesman Mike Sceurman. “I’ve been going to the fireworks every year since I’ve been born.”

Sceurman says that Bloomfield will still use Bay Fireworks, rocketeer of the New York Mets, which charges $16,000 for a show that lasts approximately 22 minutes. “We’re not scaling back the fireworks,” he said.
But some of the other features of the celebration, such as kiddie rides, had to be sacrificed for budget reasons.
In the past, residents have sat in Foley Field to watch the fireworks, but the field has been closed since arsenic samples were found in the soil during renovations. Memorial Field is next to Foley Field.
“Hey, we’re going to be around on the 4th,” Sceurman said. “We welcome anyone who wants to come. Come one, come all!” Admission is free. Bring a lawn chair or blanket.
Photo from Baristanet archive July 2004.

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  1. “I hope they’re prepared for an influx of people from Montclair.”
    No problem. We will post the dress code in The Montclarion and station sommeliers around the park. And, just think of all the money we will make because Montclair residents are hardwired to feed parking meters day and night.

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