Hundreds gathered for graduation ceremonies at Montclair High last night; we were spared from rain showers, but not from tears of joy. Happy graduates were rockin’ and rollin’, hanging out the windows of the 11 Project Graduation buses parading on the streets of Montclair. Congratulations to all and best of luck! See where our grads are headed: update on college admissions, here.
Midland Avenue neighbors rallied and had their own lawn party last night, breaking out the pots, pans, bullhorns, drum sets, and clarinets to cheer on the Montclair High School Graduates as the escorted buses passed by enroute to a secret destination for big night of celebrating. Photos, after the jump and video over on Barista Kids.



7 replies on “Congratulations Montclair Class Of 2010!”

  1. Given what we pay in school taxes, I’d assume all these students to excel. Why do people have to have this out-sized celebration of achieving something that is expected of you? Right up there with parents congratulating their two year old for doing ANYTHING: “good job!”, “way to go!”. “really good doodie, big guy!”.

  2. Good post, cranky! Nice job. I like the way you used the quotation marks. What you might do, if you feel like it, is work a little bit of humanity and compassion in there. Atta boy! Quick learner aren’t you.

  3. I feel compelled to point out that many, many graduates actually shun this kind of ostentation, and have parties where they even parody it. Give me wit over social standing any day.

  4. Congratulations to high school graduates everywhere. Continue your college education until you’ve earned a Master’s degree. You might as well get it now. Learn a second or third language. As a multi-lingual graduate of a Master’s program your chances for a job will increase dramatically. Strong math and analytic skills will be helpful.

  5. Congrats to all.
    Though, MB2 I’d love see your evidence that a “multi-lingual graduate of a Master’s program your chances for a job will increase dramatically”. Considering how many different Master’s programs there are, this idea is far fetched. Likewise, “[s]trong math and analytic skills will be helpful” only in some areas.
    Strong ENGLISH and writing skills will be more beneficial in others.
    The answer to all is simple: do what you love to do. Don’t worry about money and all that crap, be happy. If that means working for a non-profit and living at home (if you can), so be it.
    Following “rules” to get “good” jobs is a fools game. Great. I make a lot of money, but I hate my job, I hate the hours and I really want to do something else is NO WAY TO LIVE.
    So if you want to teach basket-weaving, teach basket-weaving. And enjoy yourself.
    Don’t be a slave to work like many folks in Baristaville.
    THAT’S what I tell HS kids when I speak to ’em.

  6. Prof speaks words of wisdom. Find something to do that gives you real pleasure and pays the freight you’ve found a path to a good life.

  7. On-line at 2am, Walleroo? “good job” ! reminds me of an exchange in “Taxi Driver”:
    Travis: “I can’t sleep nights…”
    Dispatcher: “There’s porno theaters for that”

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