A drug arrest was made at Glenfield Park in Montclair yesterday by Essex County sheriff’s officers.
Officers conducted surveillance operations in response to anonymous tips from local residents, Sheriff Armando Fontoura said in a press release.
Sheriff Fontoura said:

Officers observed two suspects at the Maple Avenue side of the park who matched descriptions of drug peddlers made by a local resident who provided the Sheriff’s Office with an anonymous tip.
When the suspects spotted the officers they fled from the scene on bicycles.

During pursuit, one of the suspects jumped from his bicycle and ran through backyards on Maple Avenue. The officers continued to pursue Fard Murray, age 27, of Montclair and observed him toss a clear plastic bag into a drainage sewer in front of 18 Maple Avenue.
Murray was eventually cut-off by the officers. After a brief struggle with the officers, Murray was arrested and placed in handcuffs.
Murray’s package was recovered from the sewer and it was found to contain five zip-lock bags of marijuana.
The suspect was charged with possession of CDS, possession of CDS with intent to distribute, possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 1000 feet of Glenfield School, possession of CDS with intent to distribute within 500 feet of Glenfield Park and resisting arrest.
Sheriff’s officers continue to look for Murray’s accomplice.
Newark municipal court Judge Dion Williams ordered Robinson and Williams held at the Essex County Correctional Facility in lieu of $75,000 cash bond only. Elder and Reed were ordered to appear in Newark municipal court on July 7th.
Montclair municipal court Judge Nicholas Brindisi ordered Murray held at the county jail on $15,000 cash bond only. Murray’s arraignment is expected to take place on Thursday.

20 replies on “Drug Arrest in Montclair”

  1. Who are Robinson and WIlliams and Elder and Reed?
    The suspects fled the scene on bicycles? Supporters of Mayor Fried, no doubt.

  2. Drug peddlers on bikes = drug pedalers.
    Seriously, though, anyone care to guess what the “D” in “CDS” stands for?

  3. Five bags of pot off the street. How much did that cost?
    Probably more than the street value of the pot itself. Yet another reason to decriminalize marijuana; reduce street crime and devote law enforcement resources to the truly “dangerous” threats to society.
    Besides, would it not be better if this marijuana was instead being sold from one of those currently vacant store fronts on Bloomfield, contributing property taxes to Montclair’s bloated municipal budget, instead of by a drug peddler/pedaler who is instead costing the taxpayers money?

  4. That’s exactly my point, Ms. M:
    The “D” in “CDS” (not to mention the overcharging by layering 4 CDS-related charges for one violation) is downright stupid in this context.
    People will respect the law more when the law isn’t ridiculous. It’s time to end marijuana prohibition.

  5. It may actually have been “Farid,” Martta. That is in fact what the “F.” stands for in the name of actor F. Murray Abraham, who is of some kind of Arabic descent.
    Alternatively, “Wallace D. Fard” was the birth name of Elijah Muhammad, who founded the Black Muslim movement which is now known as the Nation of Islam.

  6. Katebirdrex, I doubt very much that “Fard” is any sort of, uh, “Islamic” name. I refer you to my suggestions above that it may be a misspelling of Farid or tribute to Wallace D. Fard.
    According to my OED (the kind with tiny print for for which you have to use a magnifying glass which comes with the two volumes), “fard” is a verb which basically means to paint one’s face with cosmetics (a definition which I’m happily sure will embarass the accused).

  7. Yes, I never heard the name Fard as an Islamic name, either. Farid, yes. So, overlooking KBR’s defensive posturing, it’s probably a typo or nickname.

  8. Legalize it and tax it already. It would create billions for the economy, free up the courts, put these dime bag dealers out of business, and allow law enforcment to focus on real crime. Absurd.

  9. You must have had your lunch money stolen a lot as a kid. No other explanation for it.

  10. It’s a bit embarrassing to even read what transpired: being cut off by officers–plural–all over a few dime bags. All this wasted manpower and expense for nothing.
    Then again, Fard–or should it be Tard?– got what he deserved for being dumb enough to deal in a park, near a school no less. Ever heard of cell phones?

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