2010.jpgBloomfield High School had to hold its graduation indoors because of arsenic contamination at Foley Field. Montclair’s graduation is taking place indoors because of a threat of thunderstorms — even though the sun’s out and the chance of rain has dropped to 10 percent. Too bad. At least Bloomfield lets its Class of 2010 march down Belleville Ave. from the Oakeside Cultural Center to the high school. Here’s how it looked at Oakside at 7 p.m.

Congrats to students and parents alike.
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3 replies on “Graduations, Indoors”

  1. I wish them all well in their future plans.
    It’s not easy for these young adults, these days. Be it college or work, it’s very demanding.
    The best to you all….

  2. The BHS ceremony was wonderful. The kids looked beautiful and showed very high spirits. The student speakers made us all proud. Best of luck to the class of 2010.

  3. Congrats to the Graduating Class of 2010!
    Determination and hard honest work will play a bigger role in your successes than luck will.

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