iPregnancy30-Pictures.jpgThere’s a lot to keep track of when you’re having a baby: your due date, all your OB appointments, ultrasound information, things you need, to do lists…. A new app called iPregnancy, makes the 9 months easier by helping you keep track of all those things and more.
iPregnancy was designed by practicing OB/GYN, Dr. Gregory P. Moore, MD, who felt that existing pregnancy apps were not constructed with a focus on correct medical information and the psychology of the pregnant woman as much as making pregnancy a project planning effort. The resulting application has earned iPregnancy almost two years in the Top 25 Apps listing for Health and Fitness and Best Pregnancy Planner in 2009 by Parent’s Magazine.
In addition to the important stuff, iPregnancy allows you to do fun stuff like share ultrasound pictures, pictures of your growing belly, and more with social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. It even has a Baby Name tracker that helps you choose the right name for your new addition.
This is a way cooler way than keeping track like I did with my first daughter 6 1/2 years ago. I carried notepads around to put in notes and dates and had a library of pregnancy books that I read constantly. If you have an iPhone, the $3.99 is costs for this app is way worth it.

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