mural.jpgHave you seen the massive mural on the brick wall between the new Bamboo Asian Bistro and Montclair Charbroil on Valley Road?
Here’s a photo of a section of it, kindly sent by former Barista and multitalented photographer, Fran Liscio Pelzman.
A note on it reads, “This mural was produced by students of Montclair State University under the art leadership of Zachary Wellard and Julie Hefferman,” and acknowledges its many contributors.

Why, thank you MSU. It’s fabulous!
msu mural 2.jpg

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  1. Too bad we can’t see a bigger picture. What are there houses in the tree? who are the other portraits? What does the note tacked to the tree say? Why are there grapes growing in the tree? Who wrote this post? It’s all so confusing….

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