Terry Webster.jpgGlen Ridge mourns the loss of long-time resident and town historian, Eleanor S. Webster who passed away last week in Newton Square, PA. Known around town as Terry, the co-founder of the Glen Ridge Historical Society was a relentless champion and inexhaustible detective of town history, who was not above rummaging through attics, garages and basements to find lost documents.

According to fellow GR Historian Sally Meyer, Terry created the Museum Room, which maintains files of architectural blueprints, photos, and documents for every house in town. These files are available to homeowners, and serve as a guideline for original architectural accuracy. “The integrity of restoration in Glen Ridge’s Historic District is primarily due to Terry’s archival research at the Newark Hall of Records — which she began in the late 70’s,” Meyer explained. “Even after she moved away, and right until her death, she kept unearthing new bits of Glen Ridge history, ” she continued.
Private funeral services were held in PA. Terry is survived by her husband, George A. Webster and children G. Steven Webster, of Indianapolis, Ind., Anne Leight Watzek.
You can read Terry’s obituary from the Centre Daily Times here.

4 replies on “R.I.P. Terry Webster, GR History Maven”

  1. Few will remember Terry as I do. We shared an avid interest in history and research. We also shared the tragedy of loved ones torn from our lives. My recent research has probed into the unresolved loss of Terry’s daughter Joan. I am sorry Terry wasn’t fully aware of all that has been learned about the traumas that have saddened our lives. Answers are being learned to add another chapter in Terry’s own history and for the progeny to hold in it’s proper way.
    Eve Carson
    Loving Mother of Polly and Audrey Webster

  2. Terry Webster was a very fine person. I met her somewhat late in life (about 1995?) and she had such a passion for history.
    When she told be she was moving (c. 2000?) I was disappointed, knowing we’d all be better off if she stayed right here.
    I am glad to have known Terry and saddened by her loss.

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