bay street tx machines.jpgThe first NJ Transit Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) to arrive in Baristaville are now up and running at Montclair’s Bay Street Station. The smart machines, which can perform handy tricks like remembering your past purchases, accept cash and credit and are quick and easy to use, according to Penny Bassett Hackett, a NJ Transit spokesperson.
Take note, however, that as of Tuesday, July 6th, riders boarding trains without a ticket will be charged a $5 penalty. Bassett Hackett suggests allowing extra time for ticket purchase at the station. The monthly pass is still the most economical and convenient for regular riders, she added.

Stations with a high volume of cash sales (meaning no ticket booth and lots of riders) are at the top of the list to receive new TVMs. Bloomfield station is slated for two TVMs to be ready for use on June 29th and Glen Ridge’s will be installed later this summer (pending State Historic Preservation Committee approval).

7 replies on “Smart Ticket Machines: Coming to a Train Station Near You”

  1. This is a start.
    Turnstile Access only, and reduce the ticket collectors to a minimum.
    Technology investments could bring huge savings on pensions and salaries over time.

  2. I hope the GR Historical Preservation Committee overrules the State. I’m thinking the machine should have a steampunk look to it, not like the dull ATM style photoed above.

  3. If you forget to buy the ticket at Bay, just tell the conductor you got on at Walnut and save yourself the $5.

  4. Hah! Good one, PAZ, that made my day!
    Having lived in some very historic areas around Boston, it amazes me that these preservation groups have all that clout. A lot of times they just want to say “no” to anything or anyone new; in New England, “new” could mean if your ancestors didn’t help finance the Mayflower, let alone come over on it, no way you can paint your house purple. I fooled them: I told them my ancestors came over with Lief Ericsson 620 years before the Plimouth Plantation was founded.

  5. Good one, Jimmy, but no one can pull that off on the weekends. That’s when the infrequent riders are really going to clog up the works. Get there early.

  6. Thank you for posting this but it came a little late for me. I had a very rude female conductor last Friday who said to me (verbatim), “You BETTER start buying your ticket before you get on the train or you’ll be charged…” I said I had no idea there were ticket machines now at Bay St. She replied, “They’re right there on the station” in a condescending tone. That’s when I lost my cool and told her she was nasty and rude and could inform people in a nicer manner. She of course did not agree with me and argued that she was just giving me the information. Yes, we all need to get the information but not in such a way!

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