housewive teresa.jpgIt’s not cheap to keep up appearances when you’re a Real Housewife of New Jersey. Seriously, where’s a girl to go after a $1,095,000 wedding? In this economy, it seems even superglam TV icons aren’t exempt from financial woes. When one of the show’s stars, Teresa Giudice, filed for bankruptcy this month, Montclair author Pamela Redmond Satran was inspired to find out just what it takes to pay a Real Housewife’s bills. Satran, an expert source on the NJ suburban mom experience reveals all in today’s The Daily Beast. What she found wasn’t financially pretty (and the hairless Sphynx cat Grandma Wrinkles downright freaky) — but then again, it is reality TV.

Photo, from Giudice’s signing last week in Verona, by Tracey Alampi.

12 replies on “Suburbanista Expert Reveals Financial Plight of NJ’s Real Housewives”

  1. Is this a reposting of the item from the other day? Haven’t we had enough of this woman?

  2. Another victim of the culture of humiliation so prevalent now. Watching people’s lives become train wrecks is such mean spirited form of entertainment. Not that some people don’t ask for it….

  3. Can someone who watches these shows explain what is interesting about these people? I just don’t get it…

  4. The Prof can give you a synopsis from his Ivory tower in Haute Montclair. He keeps up on all the sur-reality TV game of life shows.

  5. This truly nothing item could have been saved for a true slow news day. Or, better, simply dispensed with altogether.

  6. I’d be more interested in reading about how this idiot and her husband are getting away with this.

  7. Didnt we hear about this girl before when she started “nameberry” ? Im guessing this is a personal friend of B’net, and really has nothing to do with news

  8. Screw “Real” housewives, how about *actual* housewives?
    Crap like this belittles those of us who are really trying to make ends meet while actually raising our own children, and only distracts from the real issues. It’s disgusting.
    And it’s bull****.
    I strongly preferred Baristanet back when there weren’t twelve posts a day, because so many of the posts are like this one. At least the Sopranos chose a category of thugs and criminals to fictionalize, trivialize and mock.

  9. Imagine what the reaction would be if someone made a TV show featuring the equivalent worst possible caricature of a different type of people. And they called it…
    “Real Black People of New Jersey”, or
    “Real Jews of New Jersey”, or
    “Real Homosexuals of New Jersey”, or
    “Real Handicapped People of New Jersey”
    There would be a &%$#ing outcry, and there would be apologies and firings. But women are supposed to accept this kind of thing?

  10. Amandala,
    Have you even watched the show?
    And if you saw Real Housewives Atlanta, you’d see that TWO of your suggested categories have already been done.
    No one cared.
    But are you really trying to compare “Housewives” to a racial or ethnic group?

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