tradermap.jpgWe know Baristanet readers have a thing about Trader Joe’s (and don’t even get them started on Wegman’s). Despite hopeful rumors of a Clifton Trader’s opening, there’s no good news to report yet (unless you are moving to Omaha, NE). Trader fans still have to choose between Florham Park, Wayne, Paramus (where you can hit Fairway, too), or the newer Millburn store to get their Trader Joe fix.
Do you make the trek — and if so, which do you find the most convenient/shopper-friendly? Vote in our poll…

Liz George is the publisher of Montclair Local.

23 replies on “Where Do You Trader Joe’s?”

  1. I’m a supermarket freak (I go to WF, A&P and Kings every week), but don’t really care for Trader Joe’s.
    Now Wegman’s I’d LOVE to have around here, but the few times I visited Trader Joe’s I was less than impressed.
    Whole Foods has it beat hands down in my book. Though some have suggested they’re great for prepared food, I cook 5-6 nights a week, so that’s not a draw for me.

  2. I keep imagining places where Trader Joe’s can move to in the area – West Caldwell Kings (til I heard Stop n’ Shop)
    – Verona Walgreens/Drug Fair
    Any other places available for them?

  3. Sure, there’s a big empty retail building behind QuikChek and CVS on Broad St. in Bloomfield. That seems like it would work nicely…

  4. rotate – Paramus if it is not Saturday, Wayne if I have erands in that direction and Westfield when I run low on wine

  5. 14th Street, I work in the Union Square area and it’s easy to bring things home. Although the lines are really really long at lunchtime.

  6. TJ’s has super complicated siting rules. They won’t go into just any suitably sized place. I go to Wayne–a bit less selection than Paramus but way less stress. I save so much on organic staples three kids that it is totally worth the drive.

  7. We alternate between Millburn, Paramus and Wayne, depending on whether we have any other reason to drive in any of those directions.

  8. The area around Bloomfield station is screaming for a good supermarket. It would have a ready made market in the commuters for prepared food. Please get it together Bloomfield town managers!!! Time is wasting.

  9. Trader Joe’s in FP, good cheap organic food then to Costco on Rt.10 in EH for the Organic carrot juice then a stop in WO at Essex fine wines for a few bottles of Chateau Thames Embanquement.

  10. Like PAZ, I too enjoy the combo of TJ in Florham Park and the Rt 10 Costco (and often Target along the way).
    The folks in Florham Park are very nice, and fast. They open lanes right away when more than few folks are waiting. If they see something not right, like fruit with a spot, they get someone to bring a new item to the front while they finish checking you out. It’s on the small side so it’s got a bit more friendly old market feel to it than other TJ but they still know I’m in a hurry.
    Total Wine at Essex Green would be my last stop.
    Who do I call to get a Trader Joe’s in Bloomfield?

  11. The only time I shop at Trader Joe’s is when I’m killing time and happen to turn into the parking lot by accident. This has happened once in the past 20 years.

  12. Well, Conan, it had previously been paradise, before it was paved over and made a parking lot…

  13. That building behind the CVS on Broad Street in Bloomfield is rather small; only about 3000 sq. ft. Too small for a Trader Joe’s but could probably suit a fruit and veggie market well.

  14. Paramus, early Saturday or Sunday morning (830ish), whenever we’re also doing Fairway. In that way, we hit TJ, keep going half a mile to Fairway, and have no further worries about 17 since the Parkway entrance is accessible behind Fairway.

  15. MILLBURN !!! Beautiful new store, hospital clean, great employees and from Blmfd. Ave, at the Pkwy entrance it’s only a 15 minute cruise.

  16. Here’s How…….
    Take the ramp onto Garden State Pkwy S
    6.1 mi
    Take exit 142 to merge onto I-78 W toward Springfield/Newark International Airport 2.0 mi
    Take exit 50B toward Maplewood/Millburn 0.2 mi
    Turn right at Vauxhall Rd 0.7 mi Slight left at Millburn Ave 0.3 mi
    NO WINE or SPIRITS, but one terrific T.Js

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