According to Lt. Scott Buehler, Montclair PD, an attempted car break in resulted in arrest. The suspect was found with 11 bags of marijuana.

On 7/23/10 at approximately 6:20 AM, police were dispatched to Central Avenue on a report of a person trying to illegally gain entry to a vehicle. Upon arrival, police located an individual who matched the provided description of the suspect. This male, later identified as Brent Stone, 22, of East Orange, was advised of the reason why he was being detained. Stone told the officer, “I just looked in the vehicle. I didn’t try to go in it.”
Stone was placed under arrest and charged with criminal trespass. Stone was also found to be in possession of eleven bags of marijuana and charged with possession of a controlled dangerous substance and possession of a controlled dangerous substance with intent to distribute. Bail is set at $10,000.

7 replies on “Busted for Car Theft, Found with 11 Bags of Marijuana”

  1. 11 peoples weekend ruined cause someone reported a guy looking into a car.
    But what an industrious drug dealer – up and about early. I guess his clients like to wake and bake.

  2. haha “11 peoples weekend ruined”
    so much money wasted enforcing pot prohibition. absurd.

  3. He just “looked into the vehicle”. Just like I always do when I walk down the street…they may have a cool dashboard! Who knows?
    His name is Stone – LOL!

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