In March, we told you that Montclair’s hot-spot nightclub, The Diva Lounge, had sold its liquor license and was catering to a new crowd — the Bar/Bat Mitzvah market. We’re not sure how many mazel tovs were uttered in the new alcohol-free space, but that chapter in Diva history is over. The whole business has up and closed.

The entire contents of the Diva, including fixtures, furniture, kitchen equipment, (and hookahs, we presume) was auctioned off on Wednesday. According to Tom Friendly, of Watchung, NJ, he was one of more than 50 people who turned out to bid on the Diva’s contents. Friendly found some good deals on kitchen machinery for his new bar in Lehighton, PA.
The crew expected to finish dismantling the remaining fixtures and equipment that made this venue so distinctive by end of day today.

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  1. I begged them for one, but they couldn’t authorize it since the owner wasn’t there. Either that or I wan’t Diva enough… Maybe we can dumpster dive tomorrow.

  2. A bank. No, wait, a Starbucks. No, wait, a sushi bar.
    How about something different. How about NJ outposts of Momofuku, Luke’s Lobster, Spotted Pig, or Fatty ‘Cue?

  3. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Now I want to know who, if anyone, is acquiring their liquor license. I’m REALLY hoping someone can make good use out of it…

  4. Used at weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. A 3 sided “canopy” of sorts, usually covered in silk or sheer white linen. The Rabbi & the bride/groom or the 13 tear old male/female stand together under it. (It’s like 7 feet high) for the religious part of the cememony. You have never been to a Jewish wedding in your life ?
    Fantastic food, unlimited top shelf booze, and alot of crying. (We always cry when happy.)
    the Diva Lounge was absolutely NOT the place
    any of us would go to. What were they thinking ?
    I’d like to see it become a Jewish Deli. That is the only ethnic food not present in Montclair, for which I go to either South Orange or Millburn.

  5. Uhhhh, Sandy… aren’t you talking about a ‘chuppah’?
    A hookah is a water pipe you can use to smoke tobacco (or whatever). Diva rented them out with flavored tobaccos on their pseudo-middle Eastern theme nights.

  6. Speaking of Jewish Deli. Make it the Famous Deli. A once prestigous South Orange eatery, for many years, that had the best corned beef to die for.

  7. I don’t know if anyone remembers this or not, but when Diva first opened it was actually pretty nice. I remember they used to have Jazz there on certain nights. My wife and I went to a Coen Brother’s movie festival where we watched Fargo, The Big Lebowski and Miller’s Crossing while noshing on really good appetizers and mixed drinks. Not sure what happened or what went wrong with the place.

  8. Yeah park…A women owned it when it first opened,can’t remember her name…and it was a really nice place…many after work gatherings, town parties.And many cool nights of music too….and the after 10pm folks, well, lets just say it was possible to have a good time, without anyone ending up in the streets fighting.

  9. Thanks be to God!! I would not drive down Bloomfield Ave in the evening because of the unruly crowds spilling into the street. Very scary! I say good riddance.

  10. Too bad it’s closing. It was the only joint in town where really hot model types would talk to you if you sent a round of ice cream sundaes to their table. The ice cream was worth about 20 minutes of congenial conversation. If you wanted more than that you’d have to produce the registration to your Ferrari and a picture of the house on Highland Avenue. I’d carry my laptop around to be able to get into and show them my 10 figure checking account. That was usually the deal sealer. We’d all get into my limo and go back to the house to watch a movie on my 100″ HDTV and cuddle on the wrap around sofa. There was no sex involved at all. Ice cream and a nice cuddle usually do it for me.

  11. Thanks for clearing that up, KatebirdRex! Who would want to use a “public” hookah? That would be like smoking a cigarette and passing it to the next person. Oh. Wait…Never mind.

  12. Heh. They had disposable tips to avoid the sharing of cooties. 🙂 (OK, I admit I had a couple of fun nights at Diva in the early days, despite the generally execrable music played by their DJs…)

  13. I just figured he spelt “chuppah” wrong! I know zelich about water pipes, Pot, drugs, etc, etc.
    Couldn’t be less interested.
    Okay now I know about hookah. {shrugs}

  14. No problem Sandy. I thought a spelling error might be to blame as well. Now I see why they went out of business. I can’t imagine getting all dolled up for “Hookah Night” Ice Cream Sundae night, maybe.

  15. her name was Vicky and she lived down the block. She had a lot of heart and built that business. Last I spoke to her 2 years ago she was planning to open an inn in Costa Rica.

  16. please, please a great, innovative vegan restaurant like Blossom or Gobo in NYC. With 8 yoga studios in the nearby area, there’s definitely a market for great vegan food.

  17. Make it the Famous Deli. A once prestigous South Orange eatery, for many years, that had the best corned beef to die for.

    That’s useful information. I would hate to die for some corned beef, only to find out afterwards that it wasn’t the best.

  18. This is assuming that there’s an afterlife when you become part of the Universal Consciousness and know everything there is to know, including where you get the really great corned beef.

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