Well, there’s High Street to Scotland Road, Gregory to Wyoming or you can take Pleasant Valley to the South Mountain Reservation. Like true explorers, we tried them all and got a big taste of Maplewood, South Orange and Millburn (with a Harold and Kumar side trip to White Castle in Orange). Join us for a little Baristaville road trip.

26 replies on “Just How Do You Get to Maplewood-South Orange-Millburn?”

  1. Just How Do You Get to Maplewood-South Orange-Millburn?
    Who the hell cares.
    This was mind-numbingly boring, except for the shots of Liz in those sexy shorts. Which I’m not saying didn’t make it all worthwhile.

  2. “Just How Do You Get to Maplewood-South Orange-Millburn?”
    Practice, Practice, Practice: preferably law or medicine, though, because you will need the money.

  3. Love the song! I have friends and relatives from the West Coast who threaten me with bodily harm if I don’t take them to the White Castle.

  4. While ‘Roo drools over Liz, I will drool over the tray of White Castle food…Nothin’ like a Rat Burger…

  5. Sorry Martta, that song was terrible.
    Also, I HATED this ending, the original, HERE, is much better.

  6. Isn’t the real best, quickest way just to head down the GSP and to get off either at South Orange Avenue or onto Route 24 W, which leads nicely into both Millburn and Maplewood?
    Feigned innocence isn’t necessarily that funny. (Though the ever jocose walleroo and a few predictable others will surely tell you it is in posts of their own.)
    I’m still curious as to how the Baristas got the “rights” from the Times to cover the three new towns in this “hyper-local” fashion. And why the Times made the handoff in the first place, given all its supposed journalistic resources vs. those of Baristanet. Isn’t this worth an explanatory item in its own right as news?

  7. ‘ya shoulda asked me. 20 years in Mplwd, 11 in S.O. and 4 in Millburn!
    Everybody knows where SRTAR PIZZA is at the corner of High Street & Washington St in Orange.
    Go there and continue straight without any turns for 6 miles and you will be in the crossroads of the center of S.O. If you want Maplewood cross over S.O. Ave and continue to the 4th traffic light & turn right. Millburn ?
    Do npt turn at the 4th light, keep going straight and turn at the 5th light, at the Exxon turn left, onto Millburn Avenue.
    If heading to Millburn be sure to visit Taylor Park, in the center. It is a large section of a really scenic paradise of Roses of every color roses come in. Sometimes on weekends they have violinists and flutists and poetry readings.

  8. “” Isn’t the real best, quickest way just to head down the GSP and to get off either at South Orange Avenue or onto Route 24 W, which leads nicely into both Millburn and Maplewood?
    YES, if one likes to travel an additional 3 miles.

  9. I prefer going through South Mountain Reservation on Pleasant Valley Way. You get a nice scenic, country view and get to avoid Orange and East Orange.

  10. If taking a more circuitous route, one might even get there by traveling from PMHS by way of Broadway and 116th Street.
    I’m just sayin’…

  11. cather getting off the GSP at South Orange Ave will dump you in Newark…

  12. unmitigated gall, mh way at no pint will you be in East Orange, and (trust me) it’s the fastest way.
    Only I did make 1 error. For Millburn – it’s the 8th (not the 4th) traffic light( after S.O. Center. The right turn is onto Vauxhall Rd. & then in 100 feet you will be at the intersection of Millburn Avenue, turn left.
    Sorry about that. I 4-got about the 4 brandy-new traffic lights !!

  13. Sandy, givcn the vagaries of traffic lights and traffic, I’d still bet that most times of the day the GSP route is quickest in terms of TIME. (Especially if one drives a fine tuned old street machine as you seem to.)
    “Cautiously optinistic,” I’m sure someone likely as Montclair-hardened as yourself via such mean streets as Upper Mountain and N. Fullerton can handle a brief jaunt through Newark. Or are you saying you couldn’t?

  14. Cather, I live in Bloomfield, on the Glen Ridge boundry, South of Blmfd. Ave. I go to South Orange 4 dsys a week, sometimes 5 days, if we go to the S.O. Performing Arts Center. I make it there in 16 minutes. That is pretty hard to beat, and no possible traffic a la GSP in the Summer months, which is the ultimate Oy Vey.
    I sold off 2 of the cars, and am now down to 5.
    I found a terrific place for storage!! It’s called “Car-Condo” and it’s close by.
    Heated in winter, Air Conditioned in Summer,
    All Brick, (cannot burn), Slate Roof &
    Concrete Floors. Electric Door and HIDDEN
    from view, and hard wired to police with
    exterior audable alarm, at end of private road,
    secluded. I have 3 of thr 5 over there, and 2 at home. The Car-Condo holds a dozen. No vacantces
    It’s kept at 68 – 70 degrees all year and dehumidified. Has a bathroom, too. Really go lucky to find it.
    It’s kept at 68 at present.

  15. Did Genghis Kahn read all his fan mail? Alexander? Napoleon? Stalin? Mao? Of course not. Neither should the Barista, with her vast new empire to run. So stop… now!

  16. And Genghis “Kahn” led his merciless hordes across where, walleroo? Bushwick? Livingston?

  17. it is MUCH quicker to gt to south orange via high street/ scotland road or pleasant valley way. why bother having to drive down south orange ave with the lights and traffic when you don’t have to? who wants to get caught waiting at the toll plazza when you can be moving on the back roads? not me.
    the parkway is out of the way if you want to go somewhere on the west side of town. even if you want to go to the area around shu, it is quicker to take high/ scotland to montrose ave and make a left.

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