open24hourssign.jpgUPDATE (8/6): I decided to call and complain to CVS and found out they the new decision is that the pharmacy will no longer be open 24 hours (M-F: 8 am – 10 pm and Saturday: 8 am – 6 pm), but that the store WILL continue to be open for 24 hours. Whew–What a relief!
I went to over to my favorite CVS on Claremont Avenue yesterday to pick up a prescription and was told that they will no longer be a 24 hour store. “What?!” I exclaimed. The pharmacist shook her head and told me they were all shocked too and just learned the news that morning.
I’m upset. I have two young children. If you have ever had a child wake in the middle of the night with a high fever, or a bad cough, or worse–a stomach virus, you understand how great it is to have a 24 hour pharmacy in your town. There have been many occasions that I have sent my husband out in the middle of the night to get Pedialyte, Tylenol and even diapers when a stomach virus had my baby pooping every 20 minutes.
As a mom, I’m also all for convenience. Any place with a drive thru is a favorite of mine. I frequently drove to Orange, NJ to a Dunkin’ Donuts that has a drive thru for a cup of coffee when my youngest was a baby and I didn’t want to lug her carseat out to the store. I wish every place had a drive thru: drive thru ATM, drive thru post office, drive thru Raymond’s when I have a french toast craving.
What places do you wish were open 24 hours or had a drive thru?

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13 replies on “Montclair's 24 Hour CVS (Pharmacy) Is No More”

  1. Where is the DD d-t in Orange?
    A Starbucks d-t would be nice. As wool one for Lenny and Johns subs.

  2. Thanks newlydone!
    Lauren–Do you know how to get to Star Tavern? If you get there, you just take High Street all the way until you get to Main Street in Orange, make a left at the light and you’ll see it on your left.

  3. Thanks for this post. I just went to that CVS at 7 am today under the assumption that “hey, it’s the 24 hour CVS, they are always open”. Well they are open at 7 am but not in the middle of the night. Too bad.
    We need more drive through ice cream/gelato/frozen yogurt/frozen custard joints. Just kidding, but they have them in Wisconsin where my sister lives.

  4. The pharmacy staff told me last week that the Store would continue to be 24-hours…?
    in which case, this is OK with me – anything I need desperately at midnight wouldn’t be via prescription anyway.
    Guess I’d better check it out.
    ps I was so glad when that CVS went in, replacing that Acme store. The only problem is that the stench of Subway bread permeates the CVS, and after spending 5 minutes picking out a birthday card, I end up smelling like I spent the day making subs. ICK!

  5. So if it has already been established that the CVS store is in fact remaining open for 24 hours, perhaps we should change the misleading headline (to 24-hour pharmacy) especially since it now appears on the front page.

  6. I saw a drive-thru Starbucks in Raleigh, NC a couple of weeks ago. Isn’t the drive-thru DD a *right* turn onto Main St if you’re coming from the direction of the Star Tavern? It’s on the corner of Main St and N. Jefferson St.

  7. I’d like a 24hr drive thru time machine. “Yes, please I’d like one vente 30 year blast to the past with room for a squirt of what I know now.”

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