Officer Christopher Grogan was dispatched to Bay Avenue in Glen Ridge to investigate a report of a dog attacking another dog. While investigating the incident, the dog, a Pit Bull, attacked Officer Grogan, biting him several times.

The officer managed to wrestle the dog to the ground and call for assistance. Officer Charles Roberts and Sgt. Robert Zeuner responded and helped restrain the dog until animal control could respond.

Officer Grogan was transported to Mountainside Hospital for his injuries were he was treated and released. The incident is under investigation and charges are pending against the dog’s owner.

16 replies on “Dog Attacks Police Officer in Glen Ridge”

  1. Whjat’s going to happen to the dog? Are they certain it’s a pit bull? I’ve seen dogs ID’d as pits that were no where close except to have a brindle coat. I hope they track down whoever was responsible for that dog and make them pay big time. Humans screw up but the animals pay, sometimes with their lives. And I AM glad the officer is OK.

  2. Did this article need to note the breed of the dog? What difference does it make except to enforce the stereotype for Pitts? I have known many wonderful Pitts and many horrible other dogs. I have even been bitten by a non Pitt dog.

  3. I hope the police office is OK, too, and I hope the dog is reunited with its owner with a stern warning (and fine) to keep him on a leash or inside. If you know that your dog is aggressive to other animals and humans–regardless of breed–why let him run loose? Once again, it’s the humans who are at fault here.

  4. As they used to teach in j-school, “Dog bites man” (even a cop) is never news. “Man bites dog” would be.

    This is but a reminder that slow news days roll on.

  5. It IS a pit bull with an established history of attacking passersby. To my knowledge, the dog has attacked two other dogs in the last week, most recently hopping the fence of its yard to do so. And now the dog has shown that it is also inclined to attack humans.

  6. The dog will pay for the irresponsibility of its owners. I feel bad for the officer, and the other dogs that were attacked. I hope they were OK. If any cats have disappeared from the vicinity where the dog lives, I would be suspect, too.

  7. Glad the officer was OK and that he was able to subdue the dog without hurting or killing him. Is it possible the dog attacked him just because he tried to interrupt the dog fight? Sometimes dogs bite just in the heat of the moment. I agree with everyone who said that the owners are the problem and I hope the dog doesn’t suffer due to their negligence. If they know the dog can jump their fence they shouldn’t leave him unsupervised in the yard.

    I too am a pit bull owner and cringe whenever I read a story like this. Our dog is such a mush she greets everyone like a long lost friend. We also make sure she is always on a leash.

  8. The officer was not there in the midst of a dog fight. The pit bull hopped the fence to attack a dog walking by earlier in the day. Someone driving by saw what was happening, stopped in the middle of the road, and put the pit in a choke hold until it let go of the other dog (who ended up with a puncture wound to the neck). The officer stopped by later to question the owners about the incident and was attacked by the pit.

  9. You are probably right, ROC. Very sad…Not fair for people and other innocent pets to be in harm’s way…

  10. to who i may concern that is my dog. okay on the officer was not bitten i was there the dog jumped up and scratched his arm. i was in the middle of bringing my dog inside from a ride in the car when the lady with the other dog stooped by my gate. she got my dog to excited and yes he jumped the fence. these so called other dog attacks all the dog was trying to do was sniff the other dogs. but this time the lady freaked and the dogs got into it. this dog was a rescue from four kids down Newark who were trying to kill it. as for why the dog wasn’t secured he was. the cop told me to bring him out and then to let go of his leash. that officer had no animal control training as i know of and never should have told me to get the dog. he was the one who had his hand on his baton the whole time the dog was beaten with sticks. it was the cops own stupidity that led him to be scratched

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