Lots of folks around Baristaville have already donned their fall garb — even hats and fleece-lined boots — but I’m still clinging to my summer wardrobe despite comments of “aren’t you cold” from the overly concerned general public. Thanks for your worry, folks, but it feels good to me. I’ll give it up when I have to, around the same time I finally turn on the furnace.

I couldn’t win the Furnace Abstinance, contest that’s going on for the 3rd year over in SOMA, via Maplewood Online. I’m not quite that stoic, but I can last a good while if the weather stays mild. Into early November, usually (although I did call the plumber to schedule the annual furnace maintenance).

But after a weekend like this last one, it’s easy to imagine that we’ll get a reprieve from the cold for a while longer.

For Baristanet reader Audrey Weiner, who won our Extend my NJ Summer contest last month, her prize of a Cape May beach vacation helped hold off the change in seasons. We hope you’ll take some vicarious pleasure out of Audrey’s description and photos of her jaunt (after the jump)

My friend Nancy Davis (all the way from Atlanta GA!) and I just got back from a wonderful stay at Carroll Villa Hotel. Our room was beautiful – turquoise wallpaper with gold leaves – very victorian! Mark was a gracious host. The food at the Mad Batter was outstanding, especially the orange and almond french toast. We saw all the victorian houses, shopped on Washington Avenue, went to the Emlen Physick estate, and walked barefoot on the beach. What better way to extend my summer! Audrey

See Audrey’s Cape May slide show here.

6 replies on “Furnace Abstinence and the Extension of Summer”

  1. Strange days, indeed. Last week, we were using the electric blanket. Saturday, I was sunbathing with the dog on the front lawn in shorts and a T. Yesterday, I ran the LBI 18 miler in a singlet and tank top. We have three purple irises growing on our hill in the backyard-in October! Yet, the leaves continue to turn gold, red and orange.

  2. I hold onto summer as long as I can but by this time of year, I am ready for fall. The house got cold enough recently for my furnace to kick on, and I wasn’t sorry.

  3. I heard that today would more than likly the last day with temps in the 70s.
    I put the top down and cruised to Echo Lake Park, in Westfield. Just a super beautiful cruise and a stunning park. Some trees are still 100% green, some are mixed, goldish-tan & green and some are 60% beginning to turn. Avoided RT 22 both ways. Didn’t want the smell of the big rigs and the traffic, to the local roads to & fro. Beautiful end to the Summer Season! Beautiful views, fabulous colors of nature, abundant sunshine, wife next to me and a fabulous high performance automobile, underneath.
    Goodbye Summer – Hello Fall.
    Here comes the high powered leaf blowers, & pumpkins, jackets and heating systems going on. School bells ring….it’s back to Robert Hall, again!
    (But, they are no more…..)

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