Montclair State University graduate student Scott Buchanan is one of 40 national finalists competing for the 2010 SolvayCARES Cystic Fibrosis Scholarship, but he needs your help to win. The winner will be determined by whoever has the most votes by this Thursday (Oct. 21) at 11:59 p.m.

The 2001 Glen Ridge High School alumni was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis when he was two-years-old. He is currently a full-time graduate student at Montclair State pursuing a Masters studying ecology and evolution. Buchanan says he conducts research on hognose snakes, a species of conservation concern, at Cape Cod National Seashore, where he spent his last four summers conducting research.

“If I win, I will use the money to avoid taking out more student loans and avoid working part-time, so I can focus on writing my thesis and graduating in May,” Buchanan says. “I hope to pursue a career in conservation biology that encompasses research and teaching.”

There are three ways for people to vote:

1. Call 1-888-305-9808 and dial 37

2. Text “vote 37” to 30364

3. Vote online here

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  1. Love the video, Scott. And you’re right about the beautiful sadness of the Cape — something almost ethereal. I’ve often felt the presence of ghostly beings in my 30 years of going up there. Goody Hallet is definitely out there in the dunes…

    You got my vote.

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