Former Miramax boss and Montclair resident Daniel Battsek sends a love letter to Montclair via an interview with the Financial Times. Battsek describes Montclair as “beautiful, green and leafy” but describes the taxes as devastating. Still, he seems more upset about not finding a decent banger. A sidebar describes Montclair as an “oasis of calm” (sure, when we’re not dealing with pipe bombs or Russian spies) and discusses the pros/cons of moving to town. Did they get it right?

10 replies on “Brit Embraces Montclair’s Devastating Taxes, Misses Bangers”

  1. I can scarcely imagine how devastating a burden the property tax must be for the Ex-Miramax films president.

    Soldier on Daniel, you are in my prayers.

  2. Film executives, however vacuous and evil-intentioned, hold the keys to the planet’s future. If it weren’t for the movies, Al Gore would still be the former next president of the United States, rather than the saint, savior and man-about-town he is today. The marketing genius of movie executives is the engine of the green movement. Those vacuum-headed schmoozers think they’re only giving us the pablum we crave, but the joke will ultimately be on them, once the revolution starts in earnest. We puppet-masters of the green movement will take their cue from the insect hordes, but don’t worry, we’ll seize the reins of power well ahead of the thousand-foot waves.

  3. Hello, you don’t have to leave Montclair! I’ll get a bag and place it over your head so I don’t have to look at those rotten British teeth!

    BTW: Brits have bad teeth thanks to their “lack” of dental coverage.

  4. There are scores of well-heeled people like Daniel living in Monclair who can handle the cost or running a good town. Let’s raise the taxes generously and be done with all the carping about cut backs in services and education. If you can’t afford first class living please move to a second class town where you will be comfortable. Montclair has plenty of diverse wealthy people and doesn’t need to cater to the complaining losers.

  5. “It has an art gallery, a cinema, a university and several good restaurants and coffee shops.”

    And an Iris Garden! You forgot to mention the really cool iris garden!

    sincerely, Fran
    President of the Iris Garden

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