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We all have someone in our family who is a bit crazy–if you’re like me, most of your family is crazy. Crazy Aunt Lindsey is a fun kind of crazy though and she’s a super fun babysitter in Montclair.

Lindsey Murphy, 26-years-old, moved to Montclair six years ago and loves it here. She was working at a small internet marketing firm, which she says she enjoyed, but her salary could barely pay her rent, so she started babysitting. She quickly became what she calls Montclair’s “babysitter extraordinaire.” She started a Facebook page called Lindsey is the Best Sitter in the World, where she shares great books to read to children, tips, recipe and crafts. That’s where she got the idea for her latest project, Crazy Aunt Lindsey, a kids creativity blog and weekly show on YouTube.

With the help of Montclair kids, Crazy Aunt Lindsey shows us how to make homemade play-dough, fall lanterns, Halloween Crazy Gooey Graveyards and other fun stuff. With features such as Doing Stuff With Crazy Aunt Lindsey, Teacher Tuesdays and great giveaways, Lindsey hopes her blog will take off.

She’s confident it will, because she says,  “I’ve got enough baby sitter street cred to rival the Super Nanny!”