Here’s a good way to get your kid into the kitchen: mother-daughter aprons, from South Orange’s Kitchen a la Mode.

Aprons are available in adult ($26.95) and child ($16.95) sizes in funky patterns like leopard, cupcakes and cherries.
Kitchen a la Mode is at 19 South Orange Avenue. Click here for store hours.

2 replies on “Gift Guide 2010: Mother-Daughter Aprons”

  1. Really? Mother/Daughter aprons!

    And we wonder why we do not have a female President! Enough with the sexist, stereotypical roles/toys/commercials, etc.

    Deep sigh…

  2. Most of the designs seemed very feminine, so I think that’s the target demographic here – but no one is stopping you from buying one for your husband! Seriously, I would absolutely buy a cool father/son apron set if I saw one. Maybe there’s an untapped market out there?

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