UPDATE: Our source says that the Bloomfield DPW is out on Beverly Road right now (1:30 p.m., 11/24) picking up the leaves. “Looks like the protest worked,” she said.

This past weekend was a flurry of leaf disposal activity throughout Baristaville, in the race to get yards tidy-looking for the onslaught of Thanksgiving guests. Once leaves are bagged (or piled in the street), however, it’s the respective municipal DPWs’ job to deal with them.

Residents of Beverly Road in Bloomfield  got “leaf bag mad” last night that the town had not picked up their lawn cleanup trash. According to a tipster, “a truck came by the other day and picked up a few bags, but left all the others behind.”  Our source said that the lack of prompt pick up is a regular occurrence, and said that multiple calls have been made to the town.

Last night, in an act of protest, Beverly Road was blockaded with bags of leaves lined up across the street, stopping traffic in several locations. As of this morning, all of the bags have been moved back to the curb, and neighbors are keeping mum about who put them there and subsequently removed them. They’re also wondering when they’ll get picked up. One resident said there’s lots of buzz about “why the services are so bad in light of the steep taxes we pay.”

Photo credit to Michelle Davidson.

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  1. is it so hard to figure out? Really? Maybe we can connect the dots. Major recession, furloughs, laid off garbage workers, less services. Does that help?

  2. Bloomfield School Board needs to lop $2.4 million off the 2011 budget to keep at the 2% increase. We’ll be seeing some layoffs and furloughs and whatever else coming soon.

    And Congrats Montclair, you hired Bloomfield’s long time Special Ed Director. Bad for Bloomfield, good for Montclair.

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