This one’s not a stocking stuffer. It’s got a hefty pricetag: $2,000 to $2,500, minus a 15 percent discount if you order before the end of the year. But what you get if you order a Life Out Loud Day Package from Montclair residents Oliver Miede and Barbara Nuddle is nothing less than lifetime’s worth of memories on video.

Documentary film makers Miede and Nuddle create feature-length movies for people, using broadcast quality video cameras, lighting and sound, at a price of $15,000 to $25,000. But the Day Package, which Miede and Nuddle have contributed to various charity auctions, buys about four hours of professionally-shot video mastered onto DVD.

“You’re getting these people while they can still tell their stories,” says Miede. The footage could be incorporated into full documentary later.

Miede and Nuddle will  travel to the location of the client’s choosing within the tri-state area, and in addition to straight-on shooting, can capture over-the-shoulder video of the subject going through photo albums. The $2,000 package is for an interview with one family member; $2,500 is for two.

For more information, go to Life Out Loud or call 973.746.4992.

5 replies on “Gift Guide 2010: Memories”

  1. We had Barbara and Oliver do this for our grandparents, now in their 90s. It was an incredibly well-done, thoughtful look back at some of the events in their lives that we never knew about. Barbara’s interviewing style really brought out some poignant, emotional moments in their lives that we now have captured forever.

  2. This was the greatest gift ever and money well spent. Life Out Loud Productions saved precious memories from family members that are no longer with us. We laughed , we cried, but most important, we preserved our family for generations to come.

  3. I cannot say enough good things about this gift. While we purchased the video for my mother, we made copies for the entire family. Barbara and Oliver went to my mother’s apartment in NYC and came back with over 10 hours of conversations of family history some of which we had never heard before. My favorite part was video taping the old photo books as my Mother narrated each photo.

    Thanks to Baristnet for calling attention to Life Out Loud

  4. I saw this gift at auctions in town, and I was always outbid. I have heard only wonderful things about these video biographies (and have seen Oliver Miede’s work on the show “What Would You Do?” on TV), so , auction-or-not, I plan to surprise my parents with this for my dad’s upcoming 80th birthday! It may be his birthday, but it really is a legacy gift for my children to enjoy and pass on. Thank you Life Out Loud for helping me to keep my parents alive and illuminated for generations to come!

  5. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful and moving documentary of our children prepared by Life Out Loud on the occasion of our twins B’nei Mitzvah. Truly a gift they will cherish throughout their life! Barbara and Oliver are both wonderful to work with, talented and highly professional with a genuine desire to create a unique and heartfelt piece every time. Incredibly personal, they put us immediately at ease in front of the camera and produced a film that moved each of us, our children and everyone of our guests to laugh and cry. We recommend them wholeheartedly for any project and look forward to the opportunity to work with them again.

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