On November 9, during a town hall meeting, Governor Christie said that he is skeptical that human activity contributes to climate change.

In response, New Jersey environmental groups are hosting a panel discussion with Rutgers climate experts in Trenton at noon today, 12/7, to present the “overwhelming scientific findings linking human activity and climate change.” A press release from Environment New Jersey states that the panel also intends to “present a clear picture of the reality of the problem and how climate change will impact New Jersey in the coming decades.”

The Governor has been invited to the public event, and has also been offered a private briefing at his scheduling convenience by the scientists. According to Dena Mottola Jaborska, Executive Director of Environment NJ, however, they’re not expecting him to personally attend either.

“We understand that this might be an embarrassing situation for the Governor,” Mottola Jaborska told Baristanet over the phone. “We didn’t think it was realistic that he would come to the public event, but hoped he would accept our invitation for a private meeting.”

“We’re most concerned that the Governor come to understand that New Jersey needs an action plan,” she said. “There’s no question that he’s fully taking the lead on some programs, like solar and wind energy, but it’s a mixed bag. On other policies he’s nowhere to be seen. We need all of it to solve global warming — you can’t just pick and choose.”

Governor Christie will be sending staff to the public event, called Climate Change 101, which will be held in the New Jersey State House Annex. Presenting information will be Rutgers professors Alan Robock, Dept. of Environmental Sciences, Paul Falkowski, Institute of Marine & Coastal Sciences and Jim Miller, Dept. of Marine and Coastal Sciences

The panel is sponsored by Environment New Jersey, New Jersey Sierra Club, New Jersey, Conservation Foundation, NY/NJ Baykeeper, New Jersey Highlands Coalition, New Jersey Environmental Lobby, Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions and New Jersey Audubon Society.

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24 replies on “NJ Climate Scientists Gather in Trenton Today, Christie Skeptical”

  1. I don’t know why they bother. From what I’ve seen, the skeptics on the right’s objections are based on politics, not science. There are none so blind, etc. etc.

  2. Global warming is a farce. A lot of people including Algor have become rich off this sham. Problem is people have had this nonsense hammered at them for the past 20 years and hard to change the lies they’ve been taugh.

  3. That’s right Herb, its a sham.

    Tell you what, why don’t you attend the meeting and tell Dr. Robock, who has advanced degrees in meterology from MIT, that you know more about global warming than he does. I’m sure he’ll be happy that you’ve cleared that all up for him.

  4. Herb, religion is a farce, and it makes lots of people rich,
    but I haven’t seen too many of your strident posts on that topic.

  5. @Spiro

    “Herb, religion is a farce, and it makes lots of people rich,”

    So true, but we will need a modern “Noah’s Ark” when the sea levels rise from MGW.

  6. It has to be a farce because we all know Carbon Monoxide from cigarettes is good for us, so how can Carbon Monoxide from cars be any different.

  7. ROC, we need you! This Ark is a scourge ! Cry out against this boondoggle, this profligate waste of tax dollars ! It’s just as bad as that South Park thing you detest! Help !

  8. Dr. Robock? he makes a heckuva sneaker.

    These clowns are beholden to what ever think tank or corporation is paying them. A scam.

    That’s right, herb. Keep proving my point that factual objections don’t seem to have any place in the debate from your side.

  9. What point have you made? Am i missing something?

    I recall when I was in grade school we were terrified of global freezing and polar ice caps expanding. Fear of starvation because the farmers had a shorter growing season. That’s what was being taught in the 70’s. A few years later it was warming and the socialists expanded that movement as a way fighting capitalism. They realize it is an affective way of fighting it and it has worked to an extent. Ahhh, I can go on with this stuff all day but its seems 20 years of indoctrination by our so called capitalist hating intellectual elites has poisoned the minds of our youth and that’s all they know. If your 20 years old you know nothing else but the fear of global warming because people have made hundreds of millions of dollars pushing this scam. Not to say we shouldn’t be mindful of our planet and environment responsibly.

    Thankfully, this scam is quickly being uncovered as a money making , political driven scam.

  10. The earth is 4.5 billion years old. It will be long after we’re gone…and WE will be gone one day. There have been periods of warming and cooling since the dawn of time; we happen to be in a warming cycle right now.

    I, too, am old enough to remember the 70s and all the Chicken Little noise about global cooling, the polar ice caps expanding, and the fear of the world becoming a huge glacier if we “didn’t do something about it!”

  11. Humanity died in a flood in the days of Noah,
    because humans scoffed at God.

    Humanity will certainly die in a flood in our grandchildrens’ days,
    because humans scoffed at science.

  12. Overpopulation is what will be our demise, if it continues at its current pace! It’s called Global Mobbing.

  13. Yes, but Spiro, in the Bible God says the world will never again be destroyed by a flood! (If you believe).

  14. What point have you made? Am i missing something?

    The point that I made, herb, is that you keep calling this a “scam” without contradicting the scientific evidence. The example in your last post breaks down into, “well, scientists were wrong once, so now they’re wrong again.” Neverminding the fact that the ‘global cooling’ scare in the 70s was quickly debunked at the time, it does nothing to disprove the current global warming evidence.

    Ahhh, I can go on with this stuff all day but its seems 20 years of indoctrination by our so called capitalist hating intellectual elites has poisoned the minds of our youth and that’s all they know

    Your argument isn’t helped by suggesting that the scientists involved have some nefarious conspiracy to carry out. Thousands of people, all over the globe, conspiring to bring down capitalism. Give me a break. It’s a little sad too, herb, that “intellectual elite” has become an insult in this country. We used to respect learning, and science. And rational thought.

  15. True, MR, the Bible promises that a flood will not destroy the world again.

    The original Hebrew stated that God would not bring another flood that would destroy “kol basar”, which means, “all flesh”.

    But partial destruction, including a newsworthy chunk of mankind, especially those in low lying areas, is still potentially in The Divine Cards, and God does not show His Hand.

  16. Mike , It’s obvious you’ve been indoctrinated, there is no point in continuing this discussion. There is far too much to it and quite honestly, I’m hitting the pub.

  17. Watch out herb, as soon as Noah got off the ark, he planted a vineyard and then got drunk, and, as the Bible cryptically suggests, his son Ham may have taken advantage of him.
    Genesis 9:20 through 25
    (no disrespect to your offspring intended)

  18. …and lo, as the sun set west of Watchung PlaCenta, on the evening of the third day of the second week of the twelfth month, herbeverschmel mounted the glacier, and, placing his hands over his ears, and gnashing his teeth, screamed,
    “I swear on the loincloth of my ancestors,
    thus is nothing but indoctrination and photoshop ”

    Baristanet 12:7


  19. Is there no subject upon which you will reliably, foolishly post under the delusion that what you say constitutes “wit,” Spiro T.?….No, wait, don’t bother answering, you’ll only compound the felony here against genuine standards of lively thought and language. You really do rush headlong into these pitable “frays” far too often to my taste.

    Also, some of us who post on this site actually (if only occasionally) derive some comfort from “religion.” At least from some consideration of our general Judeao-Christian heritage. So I therefore half-humbly will suggest that this site has led to a new definition for a collective grouping, a Baristanetful of non-believers.

    (But it’s not to be taken necessarily as a compliment.)

  20. Mike , It’s obvious you’ve been indoctrinated, there is no point in continuing this discussion.

    Who’s the one blindly following doctrine: the person who asks that you back up your claims with evidence, or the person who just spouts a talking point that also happens to be a non sequitur?

    Have fun down the pub. I hope you don’t run into any capitalist hating intellectual elites.

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