Just a dozen or so miles from the heart of Baristaville, the New Year’s Eve phenomenon that is Times Square — the symbolic center of ringing in hopes, dreams and aspirations — shows up on screens across the globe.

Millions of Americans and billions worldwide will count down the famous “dropping of the ball” from the flagpole atop One Times Square tonight, while they parallel party with the New York City revelers. Tonight, on Baristanet, you can stream the festivities live via the Times Square Alliance.

Watch it and party on…

Watch live streaming video from 2011 at livestream.com

17 replies on “Times Square New Year’s Eve, Streaming Live to Baristaville”

  1. wonderful dinner with friends tonite and now watching anderson cooper and kathy griffin on on CNN at times sq…wife is in bed and I’m having a beer and grand marnier…life is good.

    Happy New Year to the Barista family. Don’t let politics tear us apart but rather bring us together to discuss our differences.

  2. You know what, Ice — when you stop calling a president you don’t support a baboon, and people whose views are a bit to the left of yours apologists and weak on national security, socialists, etc. I’ll be glad to take up your offer.

    In the meantime, look to yourself, then ask for “togetherness

  3. @cro, In the spirit of the new year, I’ll offer to stop referring to W as a “chimp”, should Iceman suddenly stop referring to the current President of the United States and Commander in Chief, as a “baboon”.
    (even though a chimp is an ape, and a baboon is an old-world monkey)
    That should be a good kickoff for the first of Iceman’s kumbaya campfire nights.
    Here’s to a superb 2011 on Baristanet, and in the real world, too.

  4. Even as I wish folks here the happiest and grandest possible 2011, I also remain amazed, frankly, that I’ve lived so long. Even “my” war, Nam, seems so long ago as to be the stuff of an old “historical movie.”

    “But “baboon?” And “chimp?” Both and either are simply demeaning language, Spiro T. and Iceman, and neither of you otherwise display enough residual wit and verbal style to transcend such barren, desperate usages. Now kiss and make up, you guys.

    Why on earth, however, would anyone in this day of HDTV watch New Year’s Eve rites on Baristanet? To assume otherwise, Ms. Bleiberg, is surely either the ultimate display of hubris or a bad, bald attempt to curry favor with one’s employers (who I’m betting were themselves not glued to a computer screen as the ball dropped).

    God rest ye merry, gentlemen and gentlewomen all.

  5. To expect the verbal barbs, colorful and/or animal descriptions directed at political leaders to stop here in Baristanet is as unrealistic as expecting cathar’s melancholic disposition often reflected by his posting to become sanguine. I’d bet Iceman’s good intentions were prompted by the after glow of a wonderful evening with friends, the warmth of a pleasant home and a genuine respect for the people who populate this site. I’d also wager that his wish for the continuance of the Barista family’s discussions to continue to “bring us together” mirrors the thoughts of most of us here.

    Croi your “Irish” was showing in your stubborn response to Ice. But I enjoy you as much as I do cathar. I don’t expect either of your horns to stop locking and providing great thought provoking entertainment.

    Kisses to you Spiro! And ditto to cathar’s wish for the good women and men here to be merry!!

  6. What a bunch of petty cynics on this site, except for DagT, who seems to have taken the role of peacemaker. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to be able to stomach you all, though I’ll stock up on Pepto-Bismol and give it a try. Here’s wishing you all a healthy and happy new year.

  7. Thanks Humphrey for the new year’s osuzhdat, as our Russian friends would say.

    Please do let us know when your sensibilities are offended to the point that you decide to move on, so that we can all do penance for having driven you away.

  8. Don’t worry Humphrey, Cro usually runs out of his holiday hooch by Jan 4th. Then were usually good until mid March.

  9. Wrong again, ROC.

    This house is never out of hooch.

    You might try some. It could improve your mood, though be advised that you will be taxed for the purchase of these beverages.

  10. Kisses to you too, Dag T! ( always a kiss for you, Nellie)
    Consider yourself kissed, too, cathar. No doubt your lack of response to my offer is due to your continued blushing in the corner somewhere after holding your tail and saying “shucks folks I’m speechless”.

    @cro, I feel for ROC during this chemically altered time of the year. On the one hand, hooch is taxed, which rankles him. On the other hand, reefer is not, but it seems too much like patchouli or granola for him to even consider. Truly between a rock and hard place.

  11. In true Kumbaya spirit, hugs and kisses to all..

    Thanks for the lively exchange of ideas and for the laughs! For those of you who have mastered the art of disagreeing without being disagreeable, you’ve earned my utmost respect and taught me a thing or two…

    However, if you want to keep that respect, don’t wear Haband….

    A peaceful and tranquil New Year to all in B’ville!

  12. Screw this politics, I just wanna say a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012 imay it be all that you hope for – for you and your loved ones. A year of riches, compassion, great health and inner peace with yourselves & towards others. A year in which we grow in spirit, in friendships, and a year of inner peace and many riches. I give thanks for a terrific wife of 28 years, the greatest Son, that I could hope for, a really grand house, decent health, for my age, my 6 automobiles, and not forgotten are the fabulous parents that I was born to, tho they are long gone, I still thank them. God Bless all of you on this site. Peace out… Luv ya all, even you, Spiro.

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