My family is celebrating at First Night Montclair then we’ll get the kids in bed, so we can enjoy a drink, or two, before we inevitably fall asleep before midnight. It’s what we’ve done every year since having our firstborn seven years ago tomorrow.

True, it’s not as exciting as being in Times Square, but it’s where we’re at in our lives now. And besides, I can still get my New Year’s wish on Times Square confetti without leaving the comfort of my own home.

What are you doing tonight?

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3 replies on “How Are You Ringing in The New Year?”

  1. Mine was omitted

    At friends house, having a light bite, some
    wine, desert. “Kids” are (our son (26) and theirs (29)
    in South Orange at the “First Night” in South Orange,
    if it’s not too cold. {maybe…}

    That did not fit into any heading.

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