Snow is  small clouds that have gently fallen to earth.
Snow is a beautiful scene of winter.
Snow is a frozen water that has been formed into magnificent shapes.
Snow is the main resource of a snowman.
When I look at snow I see a beautiful white palette.
When snow falls it takes me back to my first longing of winter.
That is what I think about snow.      

~Riley Korus (My very talented 8 year old niece)

This is a two for one–you get a lovely poem and a fun snack to make with the kids. This would also be a wonderful snack to bring in for your child’s class birthday celebration, instead of cupcakes.

Cut the bananas into 1/2″ slices. Cut the top off of a baby carrot then cut in half. Cut up other fruit and ingredients: I used red pear, green apple, green and red grapes, pretzel sticks, mini chocolate chips and a bamboo skewer.

Questions? Just Ask Holly in comments.

Thank  you to my wonderful niece Riley for helping Aunt Holly out!

3 replies on “Ask Holly: Banana Snow People”

  1. Those are the best looking bananas I have ever seen. And I would bring them in for B-days if our stupid school allowed us to bring in food to celebrate b-days. Wonderful poem, too!!!!

  2. Thank you for noticing my lovely bananas. I have a large green house where I grow them. I hid a few rhizomes in my bag on the way home from my last trip to Brazil. They have done well. Oh wait, never mind I bought those at Shoprite. They had bananas today.

  3. I’m hip deep into Ginger Brandy…and I’m still almost postive that nothing in that poem rhymed.

    But…being the Barris of Snow…I dig it.

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