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Is losing weight and getting in shape your New Year’s resolution? Chances are it is, since it’s the number one resolution people make each year. It’s mine this year, so I know how you’re feeling.

Maybe you recently had a baby and you just can’t get rid of that baby weight. Maybe it’s been three years and you can’t use baby weight as an excuse anymore. Maybe you’re a dad who has let himself go. No matter what your reasons, if you really need to get your booty in shape, a boot camp is the way to go.

Real Body Bootcamp is a total body workout for men and women that incorporates athletic conditioning from soccer, football, and boxing drills. It also incorporates yoga and pilates. It’s a workout where you can burn calories, tone and strengthen all major muscle groups. Classes are held in Montclair and Clifton–indoors in the winter and outdoors the rest of the year.

Real Body Bootcamp was created by Bernadette McLoughin, a working Montclair mom of three, who is a certified rehabilitation counselor and psychotherapist.

To help you get a great start and stick to your resolution this year, Barista Kids has an awesome giveaway. One lucky winner will receive a complimentary package from Real Body Bootcamp: Two months boot camp, nutritional counseling from its team health coach and a pilates session from its team pilates coach.

To enter keep reading….

Simply tell us why you want to win in the comment section. One person who replies to this post by 11:59 pm EST on Friday, January 7 will be chosen at random to receive a two month pass to Real Body Bootcamp.  Winner cannot be a current participant of Real Body Bootcamp. Please post only once.

No purchase necessary. Starts Sunday, January 2 at 9 am EST and ends Friday, January 7, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. Open to U.S. residents ages 16 years and older. Void where prohibited.

Stay tuned SOMA area readers! We’ve got a giveaway for you too!

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(Excerpt photo: Real Body Bootcamp Facebook page)

17 replies on “New Year’s Resolution Boot Camp Giveaway : Montclair Area”

  1. Starting a new job and a new chapter in life. Getting in shape is the missing piece. I’ve always dreamed of doing a boot camp!

  2. I just had a baby a month ago, and I can’t wait for clearance from my Dr. to start working out again. Boot Camp seems the perfect way to jumpstart my 2011 exercise routine.

  3. I cannot seem to shed the last 10 lbs of pregnancy weight. I want to fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes again!

  4. Just canceled our YMCA membership to save money and will need some new way to work out without the gym. After having two beautiful girls in two and half years my body needs a tune-up….

  5. Boot camp is the only fitness program I’ve ever been able to stick with but I gave it up during my last pregnancy and I haven’t done any exercise since. This would definitely motivate me to get back on track.

  6. I always am thinking of the kids and the husband ( gave him a bootcamp membership last year)and saying, I’ll get to me later. I want to be healthy for my family, and bootcamp could jump start me into the new lifestyle to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and overall being.

  7. I need this bootcamp because on the last day of christmas break my 4 yr old snuggled up to me on the couch and said “mommy your belly is getting bigger”
    YIKES help please!!

  8. I started exercising last spring for the first time in a very long time, since high school. Even got to the point where I could jog 2 to 2.5 miles. Then I fractured my ankle and just got out of my cast. All the work I had put in over the spring and summer is gone, muscles are nil. After my physical therapy is complete, I would love to start this up again, and get back on track and in shape for good by my 40th bday this year.

  9. I have always been very athletic, but I was not permitted to work out through my entire pregnancy. I am due at the end of January and I am in the worst shape of my life. I am going to need a supportive team and program to get back into my former shape.

  10. This sounds like the PERFECT way to start 2011. I have a toddler, a job, endless home-making duties and that common challenge of finding time to exercise amid the chaos. I would love the support, fun and (I hope!) results of the bootcamp!

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