The second half comeback was exciting to behold, but it was one touchdown short of taking the Jets to the Superbowl. Crying, moaning and gnashing of teeth are all welcome in the comments, and we’ll also except gloating from the Steelers fans among us.

No AFC Champions merchandise for us, but you can still buy your Jets 2011 Flight Crew Swimsuit Calendar on the Jets website. Pitchers and catchers report in three weeks.

7 replies on “There is No Joy in Baristaville, the Mighty Jets Have Bombed Out”

  1. The whooshing sound you hear are the advertising execs rushing to sell SuperBowl minutes at greatly reduced rates, now that the top TV market will not have a team in the game.

    In other news, Rex Ryan has been signed as Chief Bloviator for the Yankees. If he can get into Belichek’s head, imagine what he could do to Francona.

  2. A disappointing loss, but I thought the Jets coach showed a lot of class in the post-game interview…Next year, I predict a comeback for the Jets and a Super Bowl victory. I still enjoyed my potato chips and dip, ham and cheese sandwich, and potato salad, during yesterday’s game. Good football food!

  3. If they had contained the hulking rapist better in the pocket and stopped at least half the run in the first half, Sanchez woulda had at least 2-3 additional possessions and they wouldn’t have had to win it all in the second half.

    Also, abysmal play-calling & coordination from the bench during critical drives in 4th quarter.

    Best net-net is this: Sanchez is for real. he can think, lead and freaking find a receiver. Jets will win it all someday, again, before I die.

  4. I thought the play-calling was alright throughout the game except for that goal-line series. 4 plays to get into the endzone and Shonn Greene wasn’t running on all of them? Not only that, but with LT in the game (who is known for leaping into the endzone) he ducks his head and doesn’t try to jump? I didn’t get it.

    At least they didn’t get blown out and made it exciting at the end. I wasn’t alive when they won their lone Super Bowl, so I’m still waiting and hopeful that I’ll see it soon.

    Oh well, I guess it’s hockey time now.

  5. The sweet taste of victory!! The Steelers had an amazing first half. I will also give credit to the Jets. The second half, with determination, they were able to rally and put their game on!! But Roethlisberger was relentless… There is only one winner and this year it is the Steelers!! Off to the Superbowl!!

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