Feeling a little blobby with the extra five or ten pounds you put on since Thanksgiving? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution about eating better or getting to the gym? If you need a little more motivation, tune in this Tuesday to The Biggest Loser on NBC and root for our local team from West Orange: Jay Jacobs and daughter Jenn.

You may recall when Jenn tried out unsuccessfully for Season 10 of The Biggest Loser last spring. But she ultimately prevailed for Season 11, which debuts Tuesday night at 8 p.m. by wrangling her father to participate along with her. The theme of the contest is “couples.”The two started at the ranch this fall and are both home for Christmas break. They’ve both been posting on Facebook like mad, but that ends tomorrow when they’re pulled off the “Facebook grid” — as Jay calls it — and back into competition.

Jay’s not allowed to be interviewed, but he did tell us that anything on his Facebook Page or the Biggest Loser site was fair game. So here’s an impressive goal for a guy who clocked in at 400 pounds and who’s been struggling with weight loss for years.

2010 was an amazing year for me and my family, so I’ve decided to make 2011 an even more exciting year by running my first marathon. Of course it’s going to be the New York City marathon on Nov. 6 2011.

And sweating and groaning before an audience of a millions does have its rewards. Here’s another FB post.

Some how, some “weigh” I know I’m going to not only meet Oprah this year, I’m going to be on OWN TV! Just puttin it out there to the UNIVERSE! Stay tuned…

Well, good luck to the Green Team. You can watch their introductory video here.

And tell us what you’re doing to lose weight in 2011.

5 replies on “Want Some Motivation? Watch Jay and Jenn on Biggest Loser”

  1. How exciting!!! I don’t watch the show, but think it has motivated folks to lose weight (witness the “Biggest Loser” competition at the YMCA).

    I LOVE running. And after having to sit out about 6 months with an injury, I’m back to it and spend most days looking forward to my next run. BUT, I’m not one of those crazies– like MRS. MARTTA– who braves the winter weather, I prefer the Y and a nice NPR podcast. I’m like good BBQ– Slow and low!

    But a marathon….. Hmmmm……..

    Good Luck to all trying to make 2011 the best, healthiest year!!!

  2. I, too, am a big fan of this show. It’s also featured in this month’s Runner’s World magazine.

    Prof, good for you that you’re running but don’t rule out a marathon. When I started running competitively 9 years ago, I never dreamed I’d be doing marathons. The farthest distance I ever ran was a 10 K, 6.2 miles. But I joined a running club, got the bug to do a half-marathon, and the rest is history. If figured if I could a half, I could do the whole thing, and I was right. And good luck to Jay and Jenn.

  3. You are inspiring, MM. No doubt. I love hearing about your races, they do make me want to try racing more. I did the Montclair 10K in 2007, but still. 26.2 seems like from here to entirety.

    However, I have mentioned it to mrs. prof- both of us training for a marathon… She laughed and walked away.

    Oh, well. We’ll see. I do love it though…. So maybe……

  4. I wish them the best of luck. I was nearly 400 once, I am down to a much healthier weight and exercise regularly now.
    I also like Raymond’s, but limit how often I go.
    Even in health conscious communities, if you are going to lose weight and keep it off, you’re going to be cooking for yourself.

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