More questions for acting education commissioner Christopher Cerf, who has distanced himself from a group called Global Education Advisors that produced a report recommending that some of Newark’s low-performing public schools be replaced with charter schools.

In an interview with the Star Ledger’s Bob Braun, Cerf said his involvement with the group, which was founded by Cerf and lists his Montclair home as its NJ address, was short and took place when he was “a civilian.” Earlier this week, Cerf said he did little more than allow his address to be used for incorporation papers. According to the Ledger, Cerf also asked the paper not to publish the story because he didn’t think it was important. Conflict of interest was an issue for Cerf in New York.

Now Politicker NJ has an interview with Christopher Cerf’s brother Randy Cerf saying he never heard of Global Education Advisors. Before his appointment as acting education commissioner, Chris Cerf was chief operating officer of Sangari Global Education. Rajeev Bajaj, listed as company president of Sangari Global Education, is now operating Global Education Advisors.

11 replies on “Cerf Consulting Work Conflict Continues”

  1. Everything about this man’s past and present history indicates that he does not support public education. Which makes him a terrible choice for State Commissioner of Education, and a perfect candidate for Christie, whose children attend parochial schools, and who is not a supporter of anything in the public domain.

  2. It would appear that the easiest job in the New Jersey civil service is “Appointee Vetter”. Apparently this individual and his crack staff operate in both Democratic and Republican administrations, cheerfully recommending folks for big jobs despite the presence of red flags that should be obvious to even the most casual observer.

    Of course, conspiracy theorists might speculate that Cerf’s baggage was known by those who chose to wait until later to make it public.

    The whole thing just screams “New Jersey politics”, and I would love to be a fly on the wall in casa Christie as all of this unfolds.

  3. Where do I apply for one of these Jersey jobs? I tried with Montclair but it hasn’t happened. I want to be a political crony and do very little and make a lot of money with great benefits.

  4. I can’t figure out which crime is worse: Installing your brother in a job that doesn’t exist, or recommending that public schools be replaced with charters.

  5. It seems that the easiest job in the New Jersey Public Service “Fetter. Apparently, he and his colleagues plan to the Democratic and Republican administrations are working, people like to suggest more jobs, despite the presence of red flags to be self-evident the most casual observer should.
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