This was all over the internet last week: A 5-year-old kid named Noah sent a letter, at left, and $1 to PBS. His request was simple: He wanted PBS to create a TV show called Super Heroes to the Rescue.

The letter made its rounds through the ethers, and commenters from the website Reddit have offered to create a comic book series for little Noah.

PBS couldn’t even resist the cuteness.

While they’re not conjuring up a show for him, they did put up a Super Heroes to the Rescue website in his honor. PBS webmasters wrote:

“Dear Noah: Thank you for your dollar. We are glad you love PBS KIDS so much! The good news is we have two super hero to the rescue shows that we think you will enjoy, Super Why! and WordGirl. Love, PBS KIDS”

Now, if only my 5-year-olds could read and write letters like that!