The Montclair Education Association is protesting at every Montclair school 10 minutes before classes start today. The organization is protesting the BoE’s decision to outsource education aides to cut $1.7 million from the budget.

The photo above is the protest going on at MHS right now. MEA president Marge Astorino gave Barista Kids the flier they are handing out:

(Photo: Holly Korus)

8 replies on “MEA Protest For Teacher Aides”

  1. Thanks for the news! I am a reporter, so I will refrain from opinion on this. Goodness.

  2. It really is awful that the Aides may asked to do the same thing EVERY person employed in the private sector has had to do in order to save their jobs. Sorry if my lack of sympathy came through…

  3. PAZ, it’s not clear here, but I believe the MEA consists of Aides and Faculty (among others). Regardless, there were PLENTY of teachers protesting this morning!

  4. Paz, I was the one out there taking pictures and talking to the men and women out there. It was a short protest. I was getting more information than my half frozen hand could write down.

    Prof, I’m assuming you mean that the teachers were upset that their aides were outside?

  5. Huh? “Upset that their aides were outside?”?

    No. There were teachers outside this morning before the contracted “start time” standing in solidarity with the aides.


    Teachers were outside.


    Teachers and Aides were outside.


    Members of the MEA, which includes teachers and aides*, were protesting before school.

    (*I believe)

    However, since you were there talking to folks, I assume you have the answers to these question.

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